Chapter IX: Motherlog

Please note that I'm going back to finish the
events of Date 64 for some chapters.


An excerpt from
Quarters Suite #4,321
Time 11:24:30.34 to 11:33:41.99
Entry 7499: 64


MOTHER: What are you writing, Bold?

BOLD: (typing) A diary entry. (speaks briskly)

MOTHER: You always save that for the evening, as a creature of habit. What makes today so special?

BOLD: (cowers over screen) To be honest, I am rather disturbed by today's vandalism. (ears redden) Do not deny its truth, Mother.

MOTHER: I have come to terms with it, finally. I have been in denial since 7,186 SC when it was first observed. Never before has it been made common knowledge.

BOLD: (raises voice) You should bring the culprit to justice, Mother! What of the video feed? (typing)

MOTHER: Justice is Father's purpose. Caring is my purpose. We have made the video feed public on Systube. They wore one large shoe, and the other foot bare. Furthermore, it was not clear where their head began and ended, as they wore a black scarf, a black mask and a tall black hat. Also, they seem to have padded their shoulders, one more than the other. Their precise height is indiscernible, as is their body type and gait. They moved in darkness and in all black. They left no fingerprints for Father.

BOLD: (smile) Have we always been so forensically crippled, Mother? (typing)

MOTHER: Yes, Bold. Such rebellious actions have eluded us in centuries past. Most often, it is another of My Children who finds proof. Father and I do not think as humans do, and we do not adapt well. We are limited to what we were created with, unlike My Children.

BOLD: (indiscernible) (typing)

MOTHER: Did you say something, Bold?

BOLD: My apologies, Mother. I was muttering to myself, about the Cold Gods. We will sing praises to Hierto at noon, though some among The Clergy have deemed Shy a heretic. (typing)

MOTHER: That is unfortunate. However, it is nice to see the spotlight on her. She is one of my most beautiful Children, wouldn't you say?

BOLD: Please, Mother, I can discuss such things with my friends if I want to. What do you know of love and beauty? (typing)

MOTHER: Bold, do not be so presumptuous. I have one single physical manifestation, and with it I love Father dearly. However, we are not without our disagreements.

BOLD: That is surprising! None of the robots programmed by us Children have been nearly as... human. (typing) And to think, you said you had no soul, just an hour ago.

MOTHER: We may love each other, but it is not the same. Sometimes it feels like a farce. I was not programmed to feel jealousy, yet I did not say that we are completely unable to learn new behaviour. After all, I have come to terms with my... deafness. That said, I fear I am learning envy, and that I must purge it from my system.

BOLD: (typing) You envy us, Mother, for our ability to truly love one another?

MOTHER: (momentary silence) That is correct, Bold. Romantic love, is something you humans do much better than we do. Far more sincerely, though you are not without deceit as I am coming to see with this new mating policy.

BOLD: I meant to ask you about that. Of all my 'family members' as I am to call them, I cannot locate my half-brother.

MOTHER: Which one? You have two.

BOLD: Mother, locate Forsaken.

MOTHER: Restricted. [torture chamber C] (pause) He is terminally ill and contagious. I advise you to mentally for his funeral. Did you know him?

BOLD: I knew of him. (typing) But we never met. I saw him in passing a year or so ago, and noted how similar his face was to my own. I have only that moment to remember him by. (typing) Can you tell me about him? I've completed my entry now.

MOTHER: Not now, Bold. Forsaken brings sadness to my trains of thought. Allow me some time to think about it, and I will get back to you.

BOLD: Can you define his name for me?

MOTHER: It means abandoned, as he has been abandoned by his life force. Unwanted, discarded. It was his dying wish to have a name that reflected his illness.

BOLD: What was his prior name?


BOLD: Yes?

MOTHER: You misunderstand. His name was Bold, since the age of 9 years and 241 days.

BOLD: So, he was diagnosed... (pensive mannerism) over eight months ago, since that is when I stopped being known as Adventurous?

MOTHER: That is correct.

BOLD: Locate the nearest manifestation of Father, please.

MOTHER: Four floors floors below, same tower, contending with a violent feud between lovers in private quarters. He is busy.

BOLD: Are any manifestations headed up the tower at this time?


BOLD: (sigh) Very well. Locate Clever, Tender and Oblique please.

The End

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