Chapter VIII: Inquisitive

An excerpt from
Diary of the Inquisitive
Entry 10: 4
Date 65 of 7499 SC

Hi diary!

I saw lots of things today! Grownups are acting funny, I think there is something going on. The ones with another half are looking at other ones like they're their other half! Isn't that bad? And neat, too! I wonder what's going on!

But that's not even the neatest part! I saw Oblique today, poking around the Cold Gods. Father was near him but sort of off-ish. Someone said it's called 'power-saving mode', but it looked more like he was sleeping!

Then Oblique started playing with a thingy behind the Cold Gods! He got it open and started pressing buttons, and stuff started happening! Two of the Cold Gods started making lots of steam and I couldn't see anything over there and then some other buttons didn't do anything and then one more button made an alarm go off!

Father woke up and grabbed Oblique, and they were going to take him away, but then all the sudden someone said, "Wait!" and diary I think it was the Cold Gods! I ran away before I could see anything else but eeeee, I'm so excited! I have to go tell Leisurely!

The End

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