Time. Always there. Never ending.  Often, people say that time is a delicate thing.  Intricately woven into invisible threads of rhythm, beats:  a music, per se.  "Time is precious, time should not be wasted, time, time, time."  I'm afraid of time.

Time took away everything important to me.  It stripped me of my family, my emotions, my wants, my needs, my humanity.  Turned me into a snarling animal, untamed.  Time strangled me, left me shivering with the Darkness.  Time slides away from you before you can grasp it, the fickle thing.  

In my dreams, time taunted me.  It gave me the nightmares that so closely depicted my life as it was.  Although, I do suppose there was one thing that I am grateful to time for.  While it took away the life I had, it also gave me a new one.  It gave me a chance to start over. 

Yet I still keep my eyes open.  Always searching.  Always waiting for the day that it will tap me on the shoulder and say, "Time to come with me."

I'm not scared anymore. This time, I'll be ready.

The End

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