Try to find a way of preventing others ever coming to spoil your lovely world

    I spent about three days just exploring my newly empty planet. Cities are such different places when there's no one there. so much more peaceful and friendly.

    I found myself a place on the first day, it's an old building, used to be a museum of sorts, they left a bunch of books in storage. it's no surprise they have no respect for them.

    but now that I've had time to enjoy my world a bit, I realized that I can not allow this to go short lived. I need a way to prevent anyone from touching down on this planet, ever again.

    there are plenty of manufacturing plants around this city, with my knowledge of programing i could commandeer some of their robots to start building space weapons to take down any ships. if i wanted to take an aggressive rout.

    or i could take a more peaceful rout and simply erect a shield around the entire planet. but that would take allot more work, and many hours of travel. (i could teleport everywhere but why waste a chance to see more of my world.)

The End

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