Chapter 1

           In the midst of the Frendel Forest lay the Exzel Kingdom, created by the Exzel tribe. For eighteen crean they had ruled this castle with an iron fist. No one had been able to penetrate through the forest yet the Exzel had never invaded any other country. They lived a peaceful life with their neighbors—the Ronon and the Yerol Kingdom. The day was sunny, a few breezes passed by, and the forest danced with the wind. And on this fine day, a boy—William Regan—at the age of eighteen, was happily waltzing.

            Swords clashed, metal clanged against each other, and then it separated. William grinned at his opponent, and readied his sword for the next attack. Julian glared an intimidating look at the prince, who seemed to be affected. And with that, the knight charged in, growling. A slice to the left, dodged. Another to the right, parried. Then, William saw the chance with that parry and thrust his weapon right at the knight’s neck. However, it was countered when Julian used his armor to push the sword’s direction away and ended the fight by jabbing the boy square in the face. William fell with a thud and a blade directly on his nose. With a breath drawn, Julian declared, “It seems that I’ve won.”

            The prince chuckled, moving the sword away from his face, and said, “Like always.”

            Sliding the blade back into his sheath, Julian smiled, complimenting, “But you’ve improved a lot, William. Sooner or later, you’ll be beating me in a heart beat. Just not yet.”

            Julian, the army commander of the Exzel Kingdom, was one of the best swordsman in Salalandra. Although many outsiders still pondered on why he decided to serve the Exzel after his previous kingdom had fallen. Even Julian used to wonder why. After ten crean, he decided to stay and serve this still-new empire. His hair was mysteriously white, almost like he was over a hundred years old, yet his face was smooth and young. He was often picked on by his fellow knights due to his lack of chin hair, or at least some hair on his face, even though he was at the age of thirty-three. Julian’s eyes glowed red, as if with envy.

            The prince of the Exzel Kingdom sighed, picking himself up and went over to retrieve his sword. They were in the garden, fighting each other over the screaming female servants who had to clean up the mess after them. The garden was in the middle of the empire, a shape of an oval, going for at least seventeen feet at length and twelve feet in width. It had fir bushes that made itself into a rectangle with four open paths for each direction. Then most of it got demolished by William. Flowers of different kinds were planted off of the paved path. Those were executed with the tip of Julian’s sword. There was such a thing called the knight’s court where the squire trained, but the prince was too eager to take a walk to the court.

            Though after good minutes of the battle and the cries of the slaves, the advisor finally arrived. He looked at the mess and the slaves cleaning up after the two fighters, his eyebrow twitching. With a sigh, he said, “I’m guessing you two had fun.”

            “Well, if you minus the mess that we made, yeah,” William replied.

            Tyrant glared at the prince and told him, “You can’t be fooling around like this William. You should be getting ready for your trip to the Ronon Kingdom.”

            “That’s in two sunrises, I have plenty of time.” William began walking back to his room, in the west.

The End

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