"...Go to sleep, boy.”

            Magic symbols appeared below the Wilder. Just as the Wilder finished its transformation, the God was done with his spell. Large and dark purple-like claws emerged from the ground to tightly hold a grip on the Wilder and pulled it down to the Underworld. He sighed, having to do this to the people he was forced to serve once again had made him weary. Esther rushed to the ground on where he was… and wept for his death. The God didn’t like scenes like this, even if he had watched many other similar plays, he couldn’t get over the human emotions that all these people had taken form of. 

            Although the God did know what to do in a scene like this, he kneeled down to the same level as her and comforted her, making her feel a bit better. The other thing that he helped her was by reversing the room back to before it started happening, cleaning all the blood that was everywhere and especially on Esther herself. He put her in a sleep, to relax herself from the real world while her mind might be tormenting her in the dream world, and quietly left the room.

            The God made a left and followed his memory to where the man’s son was. He opened the door, seeing how the boy was still up this late, and made a small lecture, “Now, William, you shouldn’t be up this late. Go to sleep, boy.”

            William, smiling gleefully, said, “No.”

            Grabbing him by the back of his shirt, he threw William to his bed and said again, “Go to sleep.”

            “Yes, sir,” he agreed without another fight.

            Smiling, the God patted the boy’s head and mumbled, “You’re going to become a great king, and I’m not going to let that happen to you. I might have banished many Wilders before, but the last two are the most difficult ones I ever had to do.”

            William stayed down, listening to his quiet mumbles, not understanding them.


            The Exzel kingdom was found in the Frendel Forest and was created by the Exzel tribe in 248 crean. The current crean was 266 in the planet Draxe, one of the planets created through Earth’s medieval fantasy. William was twenty-two years old by then, almost reaching twenty-three. How the Exzellians got their small kingdom and their impenetrable defense was through the deal with the God of Time himself.

            What was the deal? Whoever could obtain the fairy queen inside the Frendel forest would win. Out of luck, the tribe leader outsmarted the God of Time himself and captured the fairy queen along with the finding of an abandoned castle that was now the Exzel Kingdom. With the fairy queen under control, the founding of the castle, and the deal won, heaven was singing for the Exzellians.

            It was a fair game and the Time of God agreed to become the Exzel’s adviser forever or until they fall. He was amazed at the Exzel’s trickery that he decided to break the rules and allowed the Exzel’s leader and his sons to Earth. After achieving human information, they began the building of villages around the castle and improving it anytime they could. The small abandoned castle soon grew to a size for a kingdom. The defenses of the castle were beyond anybody’s armies combined. The forest that surrounded the castle and the fairies that have turned to allies made it effortless to fend off enemies. No one had breached into the inner forest and had returned yet, and they intended to keep it that way.


The End

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