William is at the age of marriage and he is required if he is to be king. The only problem is that he doesn't have the interest in such things as marriage.
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            The man had a few minutes to last. His body was pumped with the tainted blood inside him, and it was too much for a mere Draxion to handle. He knew this day would come; the moment he spurted blood from his mouth that seemed like an eternal sickness, the time when the God of Time told him the truth about his changing body and what happened to his father.

           “No way, no way,” he murmured as much as he could in his final hour.

            It wasn’t his last words, he thought of what to say to the God, what to say to his kid before he was relieved from the pain. And his wife, she was on the scene of the happening, the scene she couldn’t escape. He wanted her to witness it. He wanted her to make sure that this never happened to his only son.

            “Rynak, do you know the reason why this is happening?” the God said.

            “Yes…” he forced it out.

            He had soaked up too much sin and tainted his own pure blood. It was a matter of time ‘till all of the tainted blood pushed all the remaining clean blood out of his body and completely take control. He was to become a Wilder, a loyal servant to the Eternal Darkness.

            “I had warned you and your father that this was a great risk, and yet the two of you ignored it. This is the result of your ignorant action,” the God of Time still had the time to lecture the dying husband. Feeling angry and pitiful.

            “I… all I want… is a final request…” he was on his knees, drinking his own blood to keep himself from losing control.

            “I am nothing but your adviser, I grant nothing. But I’ll hear this request.”

            “P—please… take pity on my son… don’t—don’t let him suffer like this.” Then he turned his final turn to his one and only woman. “Esther.”

            “I love you, please, please don’t leave me!” she tried to touch him, but the God forced her back and away from him.

            “I’ve gotten too far, Esther. Keep this… a s—secret, don’t let him… know until he’s ready… be strong, my love.” The final drop of his own blood was pressed out. “And see to that he will become a great king, will you?”

            The God hurriedly placed his palm on the now dead Rynak and the newly born Wilder, chanting, “Be gone Wilder! Let the Queen of the Underworld take you to where you belong!”

            Wilders were muscular creatures that had skins of the night to shade themselves, strong and sharp teeth to sink their virus into their victims. Their eyes were blinded by the Eternal Darkness, showing no pupil, and their ears and reproductive organs were no longer with them—fallen off and disintegrated. Their nose was the only tool that could distinct their kin and prey. Wilders had no hair on their head or any other parts of their body but only a smooth yet sturdy skin. Their claws were strong as a bear and longer than the grizzlies, though they retained their humanoid feet with only growing a few inches bigger. They weren’t the creature that was praised by the Eternal Darkness; they were merely expendable for the Eternal Darkness to toy with. The transformation from a normal humanoid being to a Wilder only took a total of a third of a second, making the Wilder extremely dangerous when guards were down.

The End

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