In a galaxy far, far away an inconspicuous little planet made a long, slow figure eight orbit around its two suns.  Not a pretty little planet at all.  Endless stretches of sand dunes, winds and dry dust storms wreak havoc over the entire planet’s surface. Nothing could possibly live there. Not to mention temperatures reaching almost high enough to turn the entire ball of dust into a glass marble.  Around the largely unattractive yellow almost glass marble planet orbited a ship.  It was largely unattractive to the observer much like the largely unattractive yellow almost glass marble planet that it was orbiting.  The ships design or the lack of forced the shape to be absolutely square.  The ship floated silently in the emptiness of space making even the largely unattractive yellow almost glass marble planet look stylish in comparison.  The color of the vessel was evident only by a small remnant of blue paint holding on to its dear life.  Dents evenly spread across the length of the ship from years of misuse, emergency landings and docking accidents that were clamed to be caused by the other party involved.  The rear of the ship was covered with bumper stickers and lame posters of places this galaxy has to offer.  Some stickers belonged to exotic vocational destinations that have since been destroyed either by one of the many wars raged over the tenure of that same exotic vocational destination or by the means of natural selection in which case the inhabitants have died out, space folded onto itself and the planet was no longer.

The End

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