Empire and Conquest

The spider slunk its way along the blackened rafter. Narrowly escaping falling embers which fell like comets onto its path. The heat was already confusing its navigation to escape the never ending furnace around it. The spider found the overhang and absailed the few centimetres to the ground of ash. Hotfooting it in a scurry into the jungle of cooler grass and hid with some relief within the shadow of a corpse.

            “No survivors?” a booming mellow voice asked from above, sweat beading on his forehead from the heat off the dying embers the only thing left alive amongst the decayed ruins.

            “None, they were thorough this time.” Another answered her voice cold and calm sending a chill down his spine. “This must be stopped Anvar. You know you have been too lenient so far, this calls for harder action. I’m not the only one who thinks so.” They both turned to look upon the several rows of soldiers who were slowly wandering the burnt village.

            He sighed behind the cloth he held against his mouth to quench the stench. He knew all too well what others were thinking and expecting of him but he couldn’t quite bring himself to those expectations just yet. He understood the reasons behind the attacks which is why he was so hesitant to use a stronger force.

            It had been a minor problem on his mind only a few months ago but things quickly began to escalate from farm robberies to full attacks and killings. Anvar was probably the only Commander who could sympathise with this apparent merciless enemy. The Legions had been encroaching into new territories for years and they were finally paying for it. Despite his roll in the armed forces he was more a man of peace than bloodshed which disgusted a few of his fellow officers who had also vied for his position last year. But that was before they had been ordered to invade lands outside their own, all thanks to the growing greed and wealth which was being made and sold in the capital. He didn’t like the idea of terminating the inhabitants of this land when they had every right to defend their home but after the village of Saltos had been burnt to the ground he had no other choice. He must act hard and quick or risk loosing the position he had trained so hard to get.

            “Call the troops in Lieutenant and head back to base.” He replied solemnly taking one last look around the destroyed buildings and lives. Katya lifted a horn to her mouth and blew before falling into line with Anvar who was already marching back onto the road away from the devestation.

The End

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