Emotions won't Prepare YouMature

You watch the romance movies, read the love poems, and watch couples hold hand-in-hand, and you may have felt faint emotions with another person. But you know you are with your other half when the emotions hit you hard and pass softly....
This is basically how I'm feeling at the moment, enjoy :)

We both push through the bathroom door, and the butterflies immediately return with a powerful jerk. The pale door swings closed behind us. I wrap my palm and fingers tight to her hips, she pulls me closer. Before I kiss her I stare into those tawny-brown eyes, I can feel my face turn to an intense stare.

I whisper, "I trust you."

She responds, "I trust you too."

If only she knew how much that struck me as an agonizing desire that was just now satisfied. I need her to trust me, more than anything.

Locking lips, the nerves begin to deliver its pleasurable sting. My left hand raises to her face, behind her head. The silky brown hair intertwined in my fingers is a sensation only sprinkled onto the intense heat filling me now.

She kisses me intensly now, pushing hard with her tounge. We move our bodies in perfect motion, my right hand has found its way up her waist. I clutch her side and back, the pads of my fingers pushing. Her hands have wandered from my lower back to my inner thighs. I can feel those areas get hot-wired. Sucking her lower lip with my lips, I squish my large cheast closer. I can almost read her mind when she uses one hand to grasp one of my large breasts. More heat fills me, it leaves my body with a hot, open-mouthed moan,

"Ahhh......." I breathe.

Her vampire-like teeth bite my lip immediatly, the insides between my thighs become even more greatly wet. She knows this gives my body a more erotic sensation. The hot liquid passes me, I clutch my legs as a human response.

"Babe...." she lets out, her sweet breath entering me.

Her voice hums sweetly, I listen carefully before my hand leaves behind her head and lower to a place I know only I have permission to touch. My hand entering her thighs, I begin by laying my fingers flat on the inside of her thigh. I swiftly move my hand to the very center of her legs. Starting, my hand starts to rub firmly, getting a feel of the soft flesh under her tight jeans. She's warm, and I'm listening to her sweet voice humm and moan. I clutch her shirt and hip tighter when I start to move my hand faster, pushing more.

She giggles and shakes, my hands start to retreat. I kiss her in forgiveness, it's cute how she gets so sensitive. My hand raises from her legs to her chin, I place my index finger softly under her jaw and smooch her once.

"I love you" she tells me. Except when I hear this, it hits me hard. The thick emotion fills me, past my neck. I can feel the boiling tears fill my lower eyelids,

"Darling, I love you too." I reply, in an intense stare.

She rolls her eyes and bites her lip, I know what this means. It may change things. Not in a bad way at all, in a way that will change how deep our love will grow. The second this message is sent to my mind I'm being tugged into the largest restroom stall.


To be finished within a couple days

Sorry it had to halt at this point haha.................... no time to write......

The End

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