How much I want to hold , kiss and embrace this supple back and figure of yours.

How I dream about eating, chewing, and gently biting all the lips you have.

How indulgent I can be with your body gliding,swerving and plying at mine.

How erotic I find you illicitly putting on and taking off those swimming dresses you bought .

How far do I have to run away from you only to find out you are my remedy,my morphine and my elixir.

How fixated, absorbed,engrossed and captivated still I am in you. How consumed in jealousy,hatred,rancor , repugnance and odium I can be.

All because of you.

A turbulent sea of emotions of love and hate,of joy and sorrow,of pleasure and pain roiling in its flow locked in a bitter struggle with my inference,intellect and intelligence.

Myriad of conflicting thoughts ebb and flow in my mind and heart,mixing and matching events of those years...where there was joy there was toil and where there was harmony there was discord.

From the zenith to the abyss, from love to hate and from attachment to repugnance I can scream no longer for the rift has grown wider.

You can no longer give me what I want and what I have you are getting somewhere else.

I hate you for what you've done and of what you've become,but in my heart wanting you all the same.

You might not be the prettiest I know nor the best I've ever met but for now I cannot but reel under your blow.

I am certainly infused with your scent,steeped in your charm yielding to your will,hungry for your touch, yearning for your sounds.

My heart has free reins ,it still has the final say

The End

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