There was a swelling feeling of pride inside him as the spotlight broke through the darkness and broke the rising tension. Back straight, shoulders broad and head up… the kid looked just like his dad – even if he would never be quite as handsome. Right now, every pair of eager eyes rested on him as the crowd collectively held its breath. He hit the first note spot on, letting the sweet sound of his voice fill the arena… it was one of the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard: sweet and soft but refined to absolute perfection. Girls screamed his name as the song flowed gently on, only to finish as soon as it had begun. The boy had grown so quickly, but just like the performance his dad had savoured every little detail and stored it to memory. As his back bent into a deep bow, the kid’s father jumped up, shaking his head as joy washed over him. His loud clapping caused a chain reaction as others followed suit, making it not too long before the whole arena stood, pumping their fists into the air and whistling wildly. They were caught up in the whole experience, but the dad simply smiled, his teary vision never once leaving his grinning son.

The End

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