His actions had resulted in his alienation from the rest of not only the local community, but from his own family. But he guessed that even they had the right to hate him. However, it was not hate, it was shame and they had never been so ashamed of him in all their lives. He may have embarrassed them as a child before, but this conjured more than mere blushing: he would give anything to be able to rewind the clocks; take back the stupid things he had done. But they kept ticking, and every second brought only more humiliation. He wished that he could bury his head as it hung from his slumped shoulders, his eyes staying fixed on the dusty ground. He wished that time would stand still so that he could go hide in a dark corner for the rest of eternity. But nothing was ever that easy and now there was only one option left: leave all that he had loved behind and start anew. He had to get out of this village. He would never be able to look into anyone’s eyes again so long as he was here. Wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, he continued onwards, never once looking back.

The End

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