He slammed wildly into a sturdy tree trunk, a sharp stub tearing deep into his shoulder through his thin shirt. He cried out as the heavy impact spun him round and threw him to the hard frozen floor. As he fell through the bitter air, he lost his whereabouts; the lack of awareness catching him off-guard as his head struck hard the unforgiving floor. The blow sent a wave of pain slamming through him, the shock of it driving the air out of his lungs a  s he gasped. But that was a mistake. The sudden inhalation made a pain – unknown until now – flare up brutally in his chest. It prevented him from screaming, ripping him apart as his terror-filled eyes verged on panic. Still he struggled to draw another breath, refusing to face the pain again. Unable to fully open his eyes, he held a constant wince as his throbbing head rendered him unable to move or event think. Eventually he took a deep breath, his surely torn chest muscles sending a vicious burning through his muscles, making him tense up to try and subdue the agony. His shoulder throbbed too; he could feel the warm blood running down to the ground. He felt numb, his legs refusing to work. But they were coming; he had to run… but the pain was unbearable.

The End

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