The man was all over her. A bystander watched intently, his eyes glared angrily at that which he had no power to stop. Even though it was not his place to say anything, he simply couldn’t help but want her all to himself – she didn’t even know who he was. The jealousy surged violently through him, turning interchangeably from sorrow to anger as his emotions stirred in a manner that was out of his control. How could she let him get that close? What did he have that I don’t? The man thought as his fists clenched shut with frustration. Yet there was nothing that he could do. Get away from her! But although his mind screamed, he simply watched, helpless. What could he do? She would only be angry if he stopped it. Who was he kidding? She didn’t want him over this stranger; she would never want him – no matter how badly he wanted her to. But the pain of seeing her with another man was almost enough to bring him hysterically to his knees; it tore out his heart: a place that had room for only one person. He could stand it no more, this was going no further. Grabbing a bottle from the bar, he started to make his way over to the couple. No one touched her.

The End

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