The gentle breeze floated through the long green grass, making it dance rhythmically to and fro as it tickled the roots of broad maples. Their orange-leaved limbs swayed as if waving calmly up at the immaculate baby blue sky. The only thing present on the distant horizon was a large yellow sun, shimmering brilliantly in all its glory as its rays stretched across the lush countryside and over the rolling hills. Close by was a small yet sacred grove of flowers, their varying colours poking out from in between small clumps of grass as they stretched upwards in order to catch the early sun too. In the middle of the shrine sat an ornate fountain. It spouted water from the pristinely carved marble, letting it trickle slowly down as some splashed off onto the bench if caught by the gusts. The perpetual sound of the water falling was enough to send anyone to sleep; it mixed with the sweet chirping of little birds, making a harmony that was simply alluring. Slowly, and involuntarily, his eyes began to close as it drifted through his mind.

The End

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