Heart aching, he sobbed: willing to give anything just to hold her again. But it was too late now. He would have died for her, given anything to put but a brief smile on her beautiful face. But she could never be with him now, not after what he had done. The pain of his mistakes burned through his mind, searing through him and sapping his will to go on. He wondered if he could live without her: he loved her more than life itself; loved her without hesitation and would until the end of time. Tears fell from his ashen cheeks as he extended a shaky hand towards the gravestone. Crushed beneath the weight of his guilt, he crumpled into the hard, unforgiving rock, unable to cope. His body shook violently as he struggled to suck in breath through uneven, ragged sobs. He had never felt so alone… yet, it was all his fault: he would never see her face smiling back at him again.

The End

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