Let It Out

"Hey, Chelsy! Mind helping me take this to the office?"

"Got it." A casually dressed girl stood up and walked around the banner that she was working on. 'Spring Festival 2011' was written in big font. It was the spring season and everyone in the school was preparing for the traditional spring festival where clubs and other groups set up stands to recruit new members for the fall season. Other students take the chance to do fundraisers or just hold a performance for the audience that would gather up on the day. The school would be open to parents and other visitors as well, making the whole campus lively with activity.

Her silky black hair fell across her face when she bent down to pick up the brown package on the floor. She lifted it and steadied the box with one of her legs and went out the door. "Excuse me. Can you make some room?" Chelsy was careful not to bump into anyone as she made her room around the hall and down the stairs.

A guy stopped in front of her and brushed her misplaced hair aside to reveal her silvery-brown eyes. "Be careful when you walk around like that. You'll trip if you aren't careful." He gave a small smile and walked away.

Chelsy looked away with a bit of her blush on her face. Don't look at me like that. Don't approach me either. I don't want to see you. She quickly walked the rest of her way and knocked on the open door.

The End

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