The Beginning

This is The Sims franchise of the UK series Emmerdale and this story is about what happen in game or fictionalized with other writers to tell a meaningful story. The Emmerdale Farms is a quaint farmland of Appaloosa Plains that is surrounded by horse ranches and gardeners who produces the greatest produce and nectar.

The Appaloosa Plains is a quaint horse ranching farmland in the Midwest area of the country and the farmers have always produced the best quality of produce and nectar in the region. Daniel Yates, a newcomer to town, has found it interesting to start his pursue of happiness to be one of the in crowd of nectar making and also making the best produce for the farmers market. Although Daniel, since moving into the area, is short with cash, but, that doesn't stop him from pursuing his dreams to create a farming and nectar business family dynasty. Amidst of the hills and valleys of the locale surroundings, Daniel sought to be more inclusive to his home since he has a long way to go on his journey to have a large sums of fortunes to his wife and children, however, it take effort and patience for the crops to grow and the quality to increase. After all, this is the first day of summer and the time to produce the first crops is short with the approaching autumn vastly approaching.

Daniel, a young adult male with short brown hair and blue eyes, is up for the challenge of making the family fortunes. He found a place in the center parts of town, and small investments, bought a small one bedroom one bathroom house with sizable yard for the farming. After he moved in and got settled down, he went to the nearby grocery store to start his dream as a gardener with apples, lettuces, carrots, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables to start the growing process. After looking around the grocers, he purchased the bare needs to make it through the first few days and went home to start the gardening and place the remaining produce in the frig for meals down the road. He thought that the corner of the property be best for the gardening and fenced off the area with a fenced door to allow himself only to go in or out.

The area was small but manageable for the start of any new gardeners dream. He was planting grapes, apples, and lettuce in the fenced in garden and he noticed that some of the residents have come over to welcome him in the neighborhood as when he was finishing planting the crops. He went out of the garden and locking the gate behind and excuse himself to take a quick shower to freshen up before mingling with the welcoming committee. Within three minutes, he was out of the shower and fully dressed and walked onto the front porch and mingled with the welcoming committee. This is where he met his neighbor, Nicholas Montgomery and the town reporter Erica Newman, showed up and started to talk.

"I'm Nicholas Montgomery from next door and this is the town newspaper reporter, Erica Newman, and we like to get to know you better and ask you to come to the Spring Festival this week and see the townspeople and meet the mayor." said Nicholas.

"I'll be there as well to record the new festival themed park and promote our daily newspaper column that features the highlights of the business in town and feature the family each day." said Erika.

"Oh! Thanks! I'm Daniel and I just moved in and would love to come to the festival to help set up the stands or whatever the mayor requests." said Daniel.

"Thanks, Daniel! If you just be a kind heart of a man to show up tomorrow after 9am to see the eggs around the festival park and you might get somethings special. I'll let the mayor know about the summer festival that needs a guy like you to help out." Nicholas said. "So, Daniel, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a gardener and a nectar maker by trade but I signed up for being a gardener career." Daniel said.

"Gardener and Nectar Maker combination? I have a farmers market near by the festival park and I'll need someone like you to help boost sales."

The End

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