Emma and Max

Have you ever felt compelled to get to know a complete stranger? Want to know everything about them? What makes them smile? What would bring tears to their eyes? Want to be the one to make sure those tears never spill?
This beautiful woman on the street had made Max want to protect her with one quick glance. What would he do for her if he knew her better?

Passing her on the busy street, shoulder to shoulder with businessmen with their expensive suits and smug faces, was destiny.  Max felt a connection the moment her sparkling, amber eyes had locked on to his dull, brown ones.  A simple twist in the direction he was heading and he found himself following her.  Drawn by some unexplainable need to know more of her, see more of her, perhaps even, feel more of her than a whisper of elbows touching on the street.

Watching her sway her hips side to side as she moved purposefully along the concrete, Max could feel the urgency in her movements. 

Suddenly, she stopped and turned around.  Not sure if time had stood still or just this beautiful creature he had been following, he stopped.  But, his eyes never left her. Just as quickly, she turned back around but when she did an older gentleman with a worn, tweed jacket and scuffed loafers bumped into her so forcefully her shoulder bag went flying sending the contents scattering on the sidewalk.  The rude fellow simply grunted and continued on his way. 

Bending down, the beautiful woman with the amber eyes started to gather her things.  Max felt the need to help.  He rushed over, bent down and reached for a notebook by his feet. 

She snatched it from him and said, "Thank you, but I'm fine!"

Feeling a bit hurt and rejected, he stood up, brushed off his pants and said  "It was no problem, you looked like you could use some help".

"Well, I don't", she snapped.

"Ok then, have a good day"  he replied and began to walk away.

She called out to him, "I apologize, it's not like me to be so rude, I know you were only trying to help".

"That's ok, we all have bad days", he smiled.

"You have no idea", she muttered.

She stood up, wiped her hands on her sweater and walked away.  Almost immediately, Max felt a sense of loss watching her go.

Snow had started to fall quietly.  The sunlight filtered through the clouds and shone on the flakes making it look as if there were thousands of tiny jewels sparkling everywhere you looked.

Looking in the direction she had gone, Max realized that if he didn't move she would disappear.  His pace quickened and he had to stop himself from breaking into a run.  She rounded the corner and twenty seconds later, Max rounded it as well.  But he was too late.  She had vanished, probably into one of the many shops and cafes in this part of the city.

The End

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