Emma and Jon, Dreamers

1rst chapter works like a short story. Perhaps this will turn out to be a collection of short stories about these two.
So instead of writing chapters that leave the readers hanging, I'm going to try and write chapters that are complete in themselves.

Jonathan dragged his feet as he walked out to the beach with his younger twin brothers. His family had dragged him, a 17 year old teenager with him on their family vacation. There was nowhere he would rather not be. Not only did he have to spend an entire week with his family, there was also no way for him to contact his friends out here in the deserted Northern Ontario. Cell phone connection was nonexistent. So all he had to do was watch his annoying twin brothers play on the beach or sit around the campsite doing nothing. At least at the beach there was a chance of seeing some hot girls. Unfortunately having annoying twin brothers hanging around is a real turn off to most girls.

Emma lay stretched out on the warm red rock imagining sunlight flowing over her. She gazed up into the sky, her eyes watching the clouds drift by, her mind drifting with them. She relaxed, rejuvenating from a stressful and rushed last year of high school. Although she didn't have a boyfriend, she didn't find herself lacking. She was so busy with homework, and band, and work and volunteering, and hobbies, and preparing for university, that (or so she told herself) she was far to busy for a boyfriend.

It was hard to break the habit of being busy though, so after about 5 minutes she got up and put her sandals back on. She jogged along the trail back to the campsites when two rambunctious young boys nearly collided with her. Her automatic response was to dodge them, and then to swerve back unto the trail. It was an unfortunate move, because she suddenly found herself in the arms of a tall, strong guy. She subconciously noticed his slight colone, 'very masculine' she thought. She pulled away as soon as she could. “I'm sorry, its entirely my fault.” She recognized the silliness of the situation and felt a smirk pulling on her lips. “I'm sorry,” she said again, “This is just so cliché.”

His face lit up then and his smile reflected hers. “Yeah I know.”

Then she gave him a polite smile and departed from the situation.

It was dark and the stars were out. The clouds of the day had drifted off and the sky was now sparking with delicate lights. The moon was rising through the forest, spreading eerie shadows. Emma was out on the smooth granite rock enjoying the night as much as she had enjoyed the day. However now she had her camera. As the sun was setting over the lake she had been there, trying to capture the delicate sunset hues and the rich blue of the evening sky. Now she was tying to catch the fleeting moonlight. She studied the sky and the trees looking for the perfect place to capture a silhouette.

Suddenly her heart came to a pounding stop. There was someone sitting underneath the rock ledge she was on.

“Hi?” she said, but her words echoed away on the wind, empty. There was no response.

She looked more closely, and noticed that his head was fallen on his chest, like he was asleep.

A fleeting thought of photographing him raced across her mind, and she smiled slyly to herself. What a great title that would make: Moonlight Dreamer.

Instead she climbed down and reached out her hand to brush his shoulder. It was then that she recognized him.

Someone was shaking him. He opened his eyes and felt very disoriented. “Where am I?”

A pretty face smiled, or rather laughed, down at him. “I think you fell asleep out here.”

Suddenly he felt embarrassed as he realized where he was, and why he was there. He felt a blush spread across his face, and he scrambled to his feet to hide it. He looked for an escape.“Well, um, I think I should be going.” She stood up tall beside him. Then he remembered where he had seen her before. She was the girl whom he had collided with on the path. His mind whispered to him 'just the right height.' “Oh don't be silly,” he argued with himself. “I've just met her.”

She was talking again. “I was just out here photographing the moon.” A dreamy smile enwrapped her face. “I noticed there was someone sleeping out here, and I figured it couldn't be that comfortable. So I woke you up.”

“I was honestly alright,” he insisted.

She smiled at that. Then she did something even she did not expect. “Would you like to come and photograph the moonbeams with me?”

He smiled an agreement.

“Isn't that a bit of an impossibility?” he teased. “I mean, you can't photograph the imaginary.”

She laughed innocently, alluringly. “Everyone can dream. And sometimes, occasionally, despite all the impossible bits, dreams do come true.”

The End

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