emilys surival

emily a southern girl from nashvielle decides to go on a holiday to a tropical paradise but it ends in disaster.will she be able to save her family or even herself?

chapter 1

'hey ma wheres my suitcase' said emily,'its under the stairs chicken,next to the saddle' shouted darline,' tanks ma,hey ma wheres paps? 'he's outside wash down yawnder rag''still, jesus lord that man is as slow as a pig going to the market on a sunday', said emily.

The wanders where getting ready to go on there first trip outside of nashville and america. They where going to the beautiful, tropical islands of hawaii.

'' will ya'll two hurry up or else i won't have time to stop for my regular mornin pie', shouted ted. ' where comin keep your trousers on man', shouted darline. emily dad was a lover of southern pies, hes even the president of nashvilles 'lovers of pie' club. so they began to trugg along slowly  in there pick up truck towards the airport. 'aww look at them lines, there darn long, will be here for gods no how long', complained ted ' daddy hold your cool, i'll go get you that fancy drink them city foks drink, wats it called again' 'cappicino' ' oh yea tanks mama', said emily.

so after they finally got on the plane emily got here head stuck right in to reading huckelberry finn, when her ma nitted a jumper for patches there dog and her pa just snored. 'hey paps wake up, them people who give you food on the plane are cumin''really wat they givin''i dont know but i hope its pork pie''you read my mined girl' said ted.

up came the stewerdised pushing the trolly.' hello wat whould you like, pasta or chicken'' thats all ya'll got, considering your leavin from the south, dont you no your southeren foods' said emily.' oh well im sorry but im from california, and i only serve what the company tells me to serve, and what they give me' said the stewerdist' oh looky here paps another one of them rich city foks' laughed emily.' darlin wud you just choose your food' said darline' yes mama'',i'll have the chicken,and a chicken for my paps and a pasta for my mama, tank you' said emily.

after they all gobbeled down their food like a pig on steriods, they drifted off to dream land like they always do after a good meal. 'mama paps where hear , we must have drifted off, that must have been some gud food' said emily, 'rite you are girl rite you are' said ted happiley. 

they jumped out off there seats, ran, collected there bags and rushed on to there next plane to the main island of hawwaii.

The End

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