Peter's Stone

Emily imagined her heart missing a beat if she had one and rose from her bed. She quietly tiptoed out into the dark hallway, a candle burning dimly in her hand. She tapped three times of David's door and a second later he emerged, a cautious look on his face. "Lets go, but be very quiet, if the others see us sneaking about they'll surely throw us out" Together they walked silently down the steps, pausing whenever they heard snores or the creaking of bedframes. Eventually they arrived at the library. It was almost pitch black in the room except for Emily's candle and the moonlight that shone through the window. David lead Emily to a row of shelves near the back of the library. David snuffed Emily's candle and they sat down, leaning against the shelf. Emily could see only the outline of David in the darkness and nothing more. "so,what t did  you want to tell me? and why in the library?". David sighed a little and whispered. "You wanted to know why i didn't have a stone remember? and i chose the library because it's quiet" Emily nodded and whispered very quietly. "so why don't you?" David leaned his head back against the shelves. "Well, you look like you can keep a secret" Emily tilted her head but didn't speak as David continued. "The thing is, I'm not from Sorrow, i was born in the realm of Secrets which is far away from here." Emily nodded again. "So how did you end up here?" David held up a hand though Emily could hardly see it. "I'm getting to that, You see, where I'm from it's full of ancient riddles and secrets hence the name. So in order to keep the secrets the people sew their mouths closed. The sewing happens to everyone at the age of six." Emily felt rather sick at this. "so, how do they talk to one another? or do they?" David nodded. " Midnight's gift to the people was the ability to communicate using telepathy." A lightbulb went off in Emily's head. 'so he can read minds' David chuckled quietly. " Yes i can, but i can also block others like  me from reading my thoughts and the thoughts of others." Emily nodded. "but your mouth isn't sewn, why?" David lowered his head. "The day i turned six i was taken by the priests to be 'silenced'. I escaped before they could do anything, i came here, to Sorrow and Father Gregor took me in." Emily frowned. "Does Sylvia know you're here?" David shook his head and leaned in close to Emily.

 "No, if she found out someone like me were in her realm she'd have me killed." The floor creaked a little and a scream from the wind pierced the air. David didn't seem to notice. "But i've told you my secret, it's your turn, why are you really here, Sylvia always wants something, what is it?" Emily closed her eyes. 'Should i tell him? he's told you his, it's only fair' Emily sighed and opened her eyes. "Sylvia wants me to..." Emily's thoughts were swirling around in her head. 'Sylvia told you not to tell anyone!, Tell him, he might know where to find it.' David grinned. "And what exactly is it i could help you find?" Emily shuddered and began to whisper. "Sylvia wants me to find Peter the Miserable's soulstone and bring it to her" David sighed and nodded again. "Of course she'd want it, she thinks it will grant her imortality" Emily nodded. "she also said never to let my tears touch his corpse unless they were cleansed" David sat in silence for a moment and shook his head. "I don't know why that would concern her". Emily only shrugged. "So do you know where the tomb is?" Again, David shook his head. "Only the cleansing monks and father Gregor know where it is located, i'd assume it's here at the abbey". Emily was about to say something when david suddenly grabbed her by the arm and stood her up. "We need to leave, father Gregor will be here any minute to check on the statue of Midnight" They quickly left the library and rushed up the stairs. David bid Emily goodnight and disappeard into his room. Emily climbed into bed and rolled over and quickly fell asleep.


There was a knock on Emily's door and a voice called out. "Emily, c'mon, it's the morning ceremony" Emily groggily pulled herself out of bed and quickly brushed her hair and changed into the usual habit. She opened her curtains and allowed her face to absorb the soft moonlight. She walked out into the hall and was greeted by David. Together they walked down into the main hall and sat at the end of one of the tables and awaited father Gregor to speak. The old man stood up and spread his arms wide. "Another beautiful morning to greet us, let us give thanks to Peter for giving us this abbey and to lady Sylvia for our freedoms". They raised their goblets and praised Peter and Sylvia and began to pile food onto their dishes. The morning meal usualy consisted of a bowl of porridge and honey, a mug of a bubbly fruit flavoured water and a slice of toast. David looked alert and ready for the day, eating quietly. Once they had finished, David and Emily went to the first small lecture hall. The room was small and bright. a small desk sat in the front of the room infront of a small blackboard. a few feet from the desk was a long desk that seated about six people. and behind that desk were two more long desks each sitting six. Emily and David took a seat at the back of the room and waited for the lecture to start. After a few minutes the desks were filled and father Gregor walked in and stood infront of the blackboard.

 Emily was able to get a better look at him, he looked different than he did lastnight. There were bags under eyes and they were red and puffy which, didn't happen if you used the little potion that David had used. He smiled at Emily and began his lesson. "Today we will be studying the individual realms and what they are best known for" He wrote a list on the the blackboard and started to speak again. "Now, you know that the realm of sorrow houses the suicides and our order, The realm of Secrets, well no one knows much about it, it is said to be home of the sky people, individuals who are born with the ability to fly" Emily looked at David who shrugged. "The realm of the whispering sea is where a very special event takes place evey moon.  The realm of Dreaming is where the first Midnight is said to have been created." The lesson continued on for another hour, father Gregor gave a brief history of each of the four realms and paused to answer questions once or twice. The bell tolled three and Emily went with David and went to the library to find any information on the tomb of Peter. After hours scouring the shelves they had found nothing. David put the lastt book away and he gasped. "I think i know how i can find this tomb!" Emily was about to ask something but David had rushed outside already. Emily walked quietly into the hall when she heard voices from father gregor's office. The door was ajar and Emily stood against the wall listening. David was asking the abbot about Peter and the tomb but father gregor kept changing the subject. Emily knocked on the door and the old man stopped to look at her. "Oh, w-what is it Emily?" Emily stood there like an idiot for a second and walked in. "I was just er...I wanted to ask you more  about the realm's history" father Gregor sighed. " alright, come in, i was just about to send David on his way." David gave a sigh of dissapoinment and started to walk out when brother Jacopal burst in.

 "Father Gegor! brother Young is on tower duty and says that the royal carriage is on it's way up here as we speak!" Father Gregor looked from David to Emily. "i'm sorry you two, I will speak with you as soon as i deal with whatever the Lady wants." He ushered them out and rushed to the main hall. Brother Jacopal grinned with malice at David. "you'd better come with me, you too lady Emily" They followed behind brother Jacopal into the main hall where Father Gregor stood beside a tall soldier in shiny black plate-mail and about twenty others were behind him. When the three entered the hall all of the soldiers drew their swords. Brother Jacopal rushed to the side of Father Gregor, leaving Emily and David at the front of the hall. The tall soldier stepped forward and unrolled a piece of parchment and spoke in a loud voice. " Novice David of the weeping monks, You are under arrest for breaking the law of your realm and of this realm. You refused to be 'silenced' and have resided here unregistered and stoneless for some time, therefor you are sentenced to be executed in the palace of sorrow without a trial" Emily held a hand to her mouth and gasped. "You can't do that! that's unfair!" The soldier shook his head. "It is the law, lady Emily" Emily shook her head and stared defiantly at the soldier. "As the lady of Midnight I demand that you clear his name and let him walk free!" A giggle arose from the center of the group of soldiers and Sylvia emerged. "Hello again, lady Emily" Emily rolled her eyes and frowned. Sylvia's beady eyes were very small tonight and her lips were pulled into a tight grin. "I'm afraid i can't do that, you do not have my favour and until you do you have no power in my realm, the first Midnight made it that way and it will remain so!" Tears came to Emily's eyes and she shook her head. David placed a hand on her shoulder and wiped a tear from her eye. "It'll be alright Emily, you'll see" He lightly kissed her forehead and walked up to sylvia who smiled viciously. "Theres a good boy! goodbyes are always the worst aren't they? lets go!" The soldier placed large shackles around Davids wrists and began to lead him out.

 Sylvia waved goodbye and followed them. David turned around to look at Emily and grinned. A thought entered Emily's head that was not her own. 'Emily, I read Father Gregor's mind and the tomb is under the library, kiss the hand of midnight's statue' David nodded and walked outside with the soldiers and the doors closed. Father Gregor shuddered and looked at Emily, his eyes were hollow. "Go up to sleep Emily" And without another word he walked up the stairs and Emily heard his door shut. Emily stood in silence for a minute and then knew what she was going to do. She sprinted up the steps and into the library, she ran to the statue of midnight and almost collided with it. She could hear a door open and heard Father Gregor. "Emily? It's time for bed! Emily!" His footsteps started to become faster and Emily was running out of time. She kissed the hand of midnight and the floor around it started to lower and soon a staircase lead down under the floor. Emily's mind was racing as she hurried down the steps and burst through a small door. Emily slammed the door behind her and heard the staircase close. She now stood in a long, narrow hallway lit by a few torches. Cobwebs lined the celing and dust covered the floor. Emily sped down the hall and into a small circular room with torch lined walls. In the center of the room was a stone table covered with a golden cloth, and resting on that cloth was the grey skinned corpse of Peter the Miserable.

 The body was perfectly in tact, The long black hair shone in the light,even the eyelashes were still there. The body was dressed in a crimson habit with a golden rope around the waist, small, golden shoes on his feet. An ugly grey stone on his throat. Emily held her breath as she tried to pry the stone from the corpse. The stone was stuck like cement, no matter how hard she tried, Emily could not get the stone. Thoug. hts of David filled her thoughts, how she wouldn't be here without him. Tears filled her eyes and a sob escaped her mouth, the tears streamed down her face and hung on her chin. Like raindrops they fell down and landed on Peter's stone Which began to glow a little. Emily gasped and stood back as the eyes of Peter fluttered open. Peter looked around and saw Emily and smiled. "Hello my dear, why do you cry?" Emily wiped away her tears and stared at Peter. "y-your supposed to be dead" Peter grinned. "But i am dead, your tears, which haven't been cleansed, are pure and put in me, a bit of life." Peter wiped away her tears with his thumb and touched his stone. "You wish to take my stone? Sylvia want's it does she not?" Emily nodded her head. "She has my friend...i need to give it to her so she'll let him go" Peter nodded his head. "Sylvia is a power hungry tyrant, She plans to use the power in my stone to murder you and rule Midnight." Emily frowned and closed her eyes. "So what do i do?" Peter gently took the stone from his throat and held it in his hand. He began to weep and a single tear fell on the stone causing it to glow intensely bright. "Take my stone and give it to Sylvia, There is more purity in this stone than the corruption in that woman's heart, it will destroy her when it touches her". Peter placed the stone in Emily's hand and lay back down. "Goodbye Lady Emily" And the last breath left his body and he was still. Emily pocketed the stone and ran to the door.

 When she opened the door  the stairs had appeared and she sprinted up the steps and stopped infront of the door. She formed a thought in her mind and a beautiful dove hovered infront of her. She whispered to it and it flew out the window. Emily Ran down the steps and rushed into the stables. She clambered up onto a strong black stallion and flew off towards the city. The wind screamed in emily's ears as she tore through the night. She reached the walls and Emily flew through the gates. The horse galloped furiously through the streets and soon they were at the steps leading up to the palace. Emily jumped off the horse and raced towards the doors. She checked her watch and sprinted faster as it would be dawn any minute now. Emily pushed the doorman out of her way and flung the doors open. David was on his knees, head looking up at the celing and two soldiers held an arm. Sylvia stood infront of him, bloodlust and hatred burned in her eyes and she raised a crooked sword, about to plunge it into David's chest. "STOP!" Screamed Emily as she ran forward. Sylvia's hatred left her eyes for a second and she lowered her arms and grabbed David, the swordpoint at his throat.

 "Where's the stone Emily?" She snapped. Emily held the stone in her hand and raised it for all to see. Sylvia's eyes widened and a sick smile spread across her face. "You found it! splendid! give it here!" she held out a hand. Emily shook her head. "Let him go in exchange for the stone" Sylvia's smile vanished and she gave a low growl. "Emily, it doesn't work like that, give me the stone, now" Emily shook her head again and spoke louder. "Let David go first!" Sylvia frowned and looked at David and then at Emily and her beady eyes grew very small. Emily looked at David and prayed that he got her message. David winked at her and she gave a slight grin. 'On the count of three throw it to her and i'll get us away, you can do it' Emily nodded and looked at Sylvia. "You'll let him go on three, One" Emily prepared to throw it. "Two" David held his breath and closed his eyes. "Three!" Emily hurled the stone towards Sylvia Who released David to catch the stone. The soldiers rushed to grab David but he was too fast for them. He leapt towards Emily and a huge pair of white wings burst out from his shoulders tearing his habit apart. He grabbed Emily and flew out the doors  and into the night.

 Emily stared at David in surprise. "Y-you can fly?" David grinned. "Very few are born with wings, i was lucky" A flash of bright light shattered the windows the the palace and blinded Emily and David. It was over as soon as it had happened. David and Emily flew over the walls and over the forests of madness, as they wee nearing the hill of suicides a scream could be heard. Emily recognized the scream as Sylvia's. She smiled at David and laughed a little. "So what do we do now?" David grinned. "Well i can't stay here, i''ve got a price over my head and you've still got three other rulers to impress" Emily nodded and  pulled out her Music box. "How do feel about seeing the Whispering sea?" David thought for a minute and smiled. "Why not? i've always wanted to see the gauntlet" Emily didn't ask what that meant and didn't really want to know. She opened the box and the familiar, melody sounded and soon they were whisked away into another realm, another adventure.


A dove was waiting for Father Gregor on his desk, it coo'd happily when he entered the room. Father Gregor grinned and stroked the bird's head. The dove spoke in a gentle voice. "Lady Emily wished me to tell you this: By now i will be gone, in another realm and lady Sylvia will be dead, You are a good an honorable man with much kindess in his heart, that is why as Lady Emily of Midnight, i proclaim you Lord Gregor, of Sorrow. I know that your stone isn't very bright but in the main hall of the palace you will find a stone, Peter's stone to be exact. Replace your stone with Peter's and you will be able to rule for many years. That is an order from your ruler, You should also know that brother Jacopal is a traitor to Sorrow as he plotted with Sylvia to have me killed and to enslave all of Midnight. Please do this for me, and for the people of Sorrow." The dove bowed to Lord Gregor and disappeard in a wisp of smoke. Lord Gregor traveled to the palace with brother Jacopal and sure enough, a beautiful white stone lay on the floor. Lord Gregor picked it up and replaced his old stone. A warmth filled his body and he felt as though he could do backflips. brother Jacopal held a dagger in his hands and darted forward. Two guards siezed him and brought him before Gregor. "Brother Jacopal, Lady Emily has told me all about your little schemes. It was you who told Sylvia about David wasn't it?" Brother Jacopal nodded and spat at Gregor's feet. Gregor shook his head in disgust. "I sentence you to be tied to a tree deep within the forests of madness and you are to remain there for the rest of your days" Brother Jacopal screamed in horror, he continued to scream and beg for mercy as the guards dragged him out of the hall. Gregor hummed a mournful tune as he sat himself down in the throne. Tomorrow would begin a new chapter in Sorrow's history, a brighter, more peaceful chapter. 

The End

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