The ending...

Emily backed away from Midnight and almost
tripped. "Y-you sold your own the Devil?!" Midnight frowned
at nodded. "I was foolish, I didn't think much of it at the time"
Emily drew her sword. "And now I'm supposed to fight the host of heaven?
because of you!" Midnight opened his mouth but did not speak. beside him
appeared the angel she saw scream at the heavens. He smiled and approached
Emily. "Hello, my dear, now you finally know your destiny!" He spoke
in the same cold voice. "There will be a time, very soon, when angels will
come down to bind me for a thousand years. I won't go down without a
fight" Emily shook her head. " I won't fight for you" Lucifer
smiled evilly. " You have no's written down, your friend made
a promise" Emily narrowed her eyes at Midnight who frowned.
"Emily...You are Electus!, Chosen! my champion!" Emily backed away
and Lucifer glided towards her. "They are coming, follow!"
He grabbed her arm and flew her away to a large field. The sky was red as if on
fire. Lucifer stretched out his arms and there appeared a vast army before him.
There were soldiers with bright soulstones at their throats. Soldiers from the
Whispering Sea, soldiers from The realm of Secrets and there were fallen
angels. "Emily, this is must wait until their champion
appears." Lucifer blew a horn and the army roared with excitement. A small
part of the sky exploded in a light of golden rays. Angels began to fall from
the sky and land many feet away from the army of Midnight. Hundreds of angels
came down and the golden cloud disappeared. They were evenly matched and it
seemed that there would be an equal chance of winning. Lucifer flew to the front
of the army and raised his sword. He screamed something in latin and both sides
ran forwards, ready to fight for heaven.

 It was chaos, The forces of heaven and
hell collided in a thunderous clash of fire and steel. There were cries of pain
and rage, angels were trampled by the large warriors, Emily could hear Lord
Raegar's familiar laughter as he took on two golden beings. Midnight watched
from the bell tower, a look of horror spread on his face. Emily tried to move
but black chains were binding her feet to the earth. She could do nothing but
watch and wait. Hours passed and the fighting continued, both sides were
wearing down and neither were close to victory. The devil flew into the air and
was locked in battle with another angel. He slashed furiously and the angel
screamed as it fell to the ground. An angel broke from the battle and charged
at Emily, his flaming sword held high and a look of righteous fury in his eyes.
Emily raised her weapon to defend herself but the angel fell on his face, a
black arrow in it's back. Emily looked up to see hundreds of pale winged
figures soaring through the sky wielding bows and firing their arrows into the
fray, the sky people had come to join in the battle at last. With the help of
the sky people, the battle grew even more fierce. Fiery hail erupted from the
sky and crashed onto the battlefield. People scattered out of the way and
others were crushed. Several stones passed over Emily and crashed into the
cathedral, toppling its walls. Emily held up her arms to protect her face from
the flying rubble of the cathedral and screamed. Within minutes there was only
the sounds of moaning and the cracking of fires. Emily looked upon the field
and saw thousands of bodies, most of them lay still. Emily felt the chains that
held her feet break and she ran forwards into the field. Her stomach twisted as
she saw the bloodied corpses of angels and Midnighters, their faces contorted
in expressions of fear and anger. Emily let out a small cry as she beheld the
body of Raegar. The large man had a deep gash in his abdomen and his eyes were
wide. His lips were parted in a peaceful smile as if he were about to burst out
laughing. Emily closes his eyelids and placed his sword in his hands. She wiped
her tears and stood up. A serpent slithered up her arm and kissed her face.
"It is almost over, The champion of heaven is on his way" Emily bit
her lip and looked at the snake. "You must win Emily, You can win"
There was a bright golden burst of light above her and she saw an angel descend
of the heavens.

He was tall and slim, his skin was a tanned tone. The angel's
wings were golden and looked soft. he wore armor of gold that shone brightly,
his sword was surrounded by flames. He landed a few feet in front of her and
began to walk towards her. The serpent had left and slithered away as the angel
approached. He spoke in a loud but calm voice. "I am Michael, the
archangel of heaven" Emily gripped her sword tightly and prepared to fight.
"You are a brave girl, Emily, you do not wish to fight me" Emily
raised her sword and held her breath. She slashed but the angel blocked it
easily. "very well, you choose this path" Michael jumped backwards
and rushed Emily. She quickly sidestepped his advance and made a graceful jab
at him. Michael turned and quickly began to swipe at her. Emily was surprised
at herself for blocking his attacks, it was as if the sword knew what it was
doing. "You fight well, Emily" Michael said as their swords locked. He
kicked out hard and Emily was thrown backwards. "I will be sad to see you
die" Michael launched himself at her and slashed at where she lay. Emily
rolled to her right and jumped to her feet. She slashed at his exposed shoulder
and felt the blade slice his skin. Michael cried out and whipped around to face
her. The angel stabbed his sword into the ground and pulled out a golden bow.
He flew up into the air and docked a golden arrow. "Death, is only a
beginning Emily" The angel frowned as he released the arrow. Time seemed
to slow as the arrow hurled towards her. Emily help her breath, waiting to die
when suddenly a pale figure leapt in front of her and fell to the ground.
Michael frowned, he looked as though he had only one arrow.

 Emily fell to her
knees and rolled the person over. She covered her mouth and the tears sprang to
her eyes. David lay there, the arrow buried in his chest, he held his wound
with one hand, and Emily's hand in another. "D-David?" Emily gasped.
David smiled and nodded weakly. "I t-told you the keeper had a plan, I
found the sky people" Emily frowned and wiped her tears as Michael watched
from above. "I got here a little too late didn't I?" David chuckled
weakly. He struggled to find the words to say. "You owe me twice
n-now" Michael landed gracefully and ran towards them. He stared at David
with distaste. "You...saved her" David winked at Emily and continued.
" You shouldn't be...fighting that angel" David eyed Michael and
grinned. "He's done nothing to you, He didn't tempt your mother to drink
or take your father from you" Emily shook her head and let her tears fall
onto David's face. "He didn't cause all of this...pain" Michael
looked towards the ruined cathedral and stared at something. "You know who
you should be fighting, a-and it isn't this angel" Emily looked at Michael
and then back to David. "I...I love you Emily" Emily sobbed and
lowered her head to David's. "I love you too David, please don't go"
David smiled weakly. "Go...send that demon back to hell for me" David
coughed and shuddered before he fell still. Emily sobbed into David's still
chest and cried out in sorrow. Michael sang a short but beautiful melody that
seemed to sooth Emily's suffering. He placed a hand on her shoulder and lifted
her up. He looked into her eyes seriously. "The serpent hides in the ruins
of the cathedral....come with me and together we will put an end to this"
Emily allowed Michael to carry her through the sky towards the ruined
cathedral. The landed in the main hall where Lucifer stood at the pulpit. He
frowned deeply when he saw them. "Why...have you brought him here
Emily?" Emily stood up and tightened her grip on her sword. Her knuckles
turned white and her arm was shaking. "I'm not your champion, I
quit!" Lucifer snarled at her. "You can't just 'quit' Emily, now kill
that thing behind you!" Emily shook her head and stepped forwards.
"No" The devil smiled and did not move, he held his arms out wide.
"What're you going to do? you're nothing but a mere mortal girl." It
was Emily's turn to laugh. "There's something you forgot to look at,
something Midnight didn't tell you" The devil frowned and looked at
Midnight who shrugged. Emily raised a hand and a dove formed. "I can love,
where you cannot" Lucifer stepped away. "So? what does that have to
do with anything?" Emily pointed the sword at his throat. "It means
everything" She whispered to the dove and it began to glow with an intense
brightness. Lucifer's eyes widened and he pressed himself to the wall. "
Stop it! Emily stop now!" Emily whispered again and the dove flew at the
devil. The dove tore at his eyes and at his face. Lucifer screamed as the dove
blinded him. Emily whispered and the dove returned to her shoulder. Lucifer
covered his face as blood ran down his front. "Why Emily?" Emily did
not respond but looked at Michael who pulled a golden cord from thin air and
wrapped it around a screaming devil. He wrapped him in seven more cords, each
with a different symbol. When he finished he blew a horn and three angels
wearing white robes hoisted the devil and flew away with him.

 Michael looked at
Emily and smiled. "You have done well this day Emily, The devil will have
no power for a thousand years" Emily smiled and saw a tearful Midnight
wave to her and disappear in a white light. "You will find that you can no
longer rule this realm, nor can you create crows" Emily nodded and looked
into Michael's eyes. "What will happen now?" Michael sighed and
places his hands on her shoulders. " This realm will be remade and taken
into the kingdom of heaven, it's people will be recreated to be more
suitable" Emily nodded her head and bit her lip. "What happens to
me?" Michael released her and stepped back. He held out his hands and two
items appeared. In his right was an apple and in his left was a golden feather.
" Two choices, you can take the apple and return to your mortal life, The
minds of the people you knew will be rectified to adjust to your absence"
Emily looked at the apple curiously. "Or, you can  choose the feather and come with me to live
in heaven. It is your choice." Emily frowned, not sure what choice she
should make. She looked up at what was left of the frescos and looked at the
apple. She heard her mother's voice in her thoughts and felt warmth. She took
the apple from Michael and held it to her lips. "We will meet again
Emily" He said as she bit into the sweet apple.


 Emily was absorbed into a white light and awoke to find herself in her bed. She was
in the same bedroom with the same white paint and drawing of crows taped on her
walls. She looked at her hands and felt her face. she hopped out of bed and ran
across the hall into the small bathroom. She smiled when she saw herself in the
mirror. She showered quickly and changed into a red shirt and blue jeans. She
quickly walked downstairs and into the kitchen where she saw her mother making
breakfast. " Mom!" she cried as she pulled her mother into a hug.
"Emily?" Emily laughed. "I missed you so much!" Sarah
pulled out of the hug and smiled. " Did you enjoy your stay at Aunt Kelly's?"
Emily tilted her head and looked at the calendar. It was early April. Emily
nodded her head. "Yeah, it was alright" Sarah grinned. "Good,
I'm glad your home, but I needed you to stay somewhere else while I was
recovering" Emily gasped and hugged her mother again. "Really? you
mean it this time?" Sarah looked surprised. " Yes, I've been clean
for three months now" Emily kissed her mother on the cheek and grabbed a slice
of toast. " I'm going to go spend some time at the lake ok?" Sarah
bit her lip but nodded. "Alright. stay safe" Emily finished her toast
and hurried to put on her sweater. She rushed out the door and walked into the
sunlight. She blinked for a moment, unused to the sun and she began to run down
the hill towards the lake that the town was built around. She saw familiar
faces on her way there, Mr. Byrnes her history teacher was on his usual jog,
Nikki, Emily's friend was chatting away on her phone while walking her dog.
Emily reached the dock of the lake and felt her heart beating rapidly. Emily
gasped with excitement as she placed her hand to her chest and felt the beating
of her heart. She smiled and stood at the shore of the lake, watching the
beautiful sunrise. She stood there for many minutes pondering the things she'd
been through. She saw David's face in her thoughts and felt warmth at her hand.
A white orb floated there and soon became a dove. Emily smiled and watched as
it flew away. She heard a very familiar voice in her thoughts that surprised
her. "Hello again" She felt a soft hand slip into hers and squeeze
her fingers lightly. She turned her face to see The bright eyes of David
staring at her. "David!" she squealed as she hugged him tightly. David
chuckled and hugged her too. They stood there and watched the sunrise in
silence for a few minutes when he turned to her and kissed her lightly.
"They gave me a choice, to stay with the angels, or to be with you"
Emily smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. He pulled out the music box
and opened it, the melody played and they felt peaceful as it sang it's
beautiful melody. Together they stood there and watched the sunrise, Midnight
was over, it was a new dawn.

The End

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