Emily's Midnight: Dies Irae

Emily learns the truth about Midnight and herself in the conclusion to the Midnight stories,

Emily stood in a valley
with mist swirling about her ankles. They were in a forest somewhere in the
realm of Secrets. David was beside her, holding her hand as they prepared to
head forwards. "The city isn't too far from here, only two hours or
so" They walked through the forest calmly. The trees and vegetation was
the same as the pine forests back home. The only difference was the creepy
silence and the lack of wind. They travelled in silence for some time until
they reached the forests edge. Before them was a wooden gate with armored
soldiers at both sides. David stopped her and spoke to her quietly. " You'll
want to speak to the priest at the temple, he'll know what's in store for
you" They approached the gate which opened for them as they walked into
the city. The buildings were made of a white marble, they looked more like
tombs than places for the living. The houses lined the hillside and at the top
of the hill was a large spire. "That's the temple there" David said
pointing to the spire. They continued through the streets and up the hill. The
people had pale skin and bright eyes like David but their mouths were sewn shut
with a thin brown thread. Emily heard David's voice in her thoughts. "I'm
preventing them from reading your thoughts, their quite unhappy with you"
Emily frowned and they continued. They soon reached the temple where a tall man
clothed in billowing purple robes approached them. She heard a frail voice in
her thoughts that was not David's. "Welcome, Lady Emily, I am Nion, a
priest of the temple of secrets" Emily smiled at him. Nion glanced at
David curiously. "Your task is probably the easiest you'll ever have done,
just read the book of Midnight in the temple and speak to the keeper of
secrets" Nion pointed to the temple. Emily and David walked quickly
inside. The temple was made of a purple stone that gave off a slight glow. They
passed an altar with runic writing all over it. Soon they found a desk with an
ancient tome upon it entitled 'Book of Midnight' Emily placed a hand on the
cover and was about to open it when she heard running form the entrance. Nion
and two soldiers were coming towards them and she grasped David's hand. Nion's
voice cut into her thoughts. "You brought a traitor with you? Thought he
would be safe with you?" Emily shook her head. "Hmm...it seems we
will have to take him with us, back to your task Emily" Emily gripped
David's hand tighter and reached for her sword.

 A gentle but firm hand stopped her from drawing her blade. She turned to see an elderly man with green eyes and long white hair. "No, you will not fight here, I have plan for young David, trust me" Emily frowned and felt David shake his hand from hers. She heard him in her thoughts. "Emily, the keeper of secrets told me he
has a plan, please trust him, he helped me escape this place once, I love you,
talk to him and complete your task!" The soldiers put a hand on David's
arm and led him outside. Emily sobbed and  tried to run after him but the elderly man held her back. "Please, come with me" The man led her down the hallway and into a small room. He sat her in a chair and he sat in front of her. "Electus..." Emily shook her head. "W-what?" The keeper nodded his head. " It is time for
you to learn something...important" He placed a hand on hers and her
vision blurred and she saw nothing. There was a bright light and her mind was
filled with blurred images of a serpent, a man's face, a flaming sword, a great
and terrible war. " Stop!" Emily cried and the keeper let go of her
hand. " What was that?" The keeper sighed. " I showed you what I
could remember of your destiny, of what you are" Emily shook her head.
" I don't understand." The keeper paced the room and pulled her out
of the chair and took her to a small painting at the back of the room. The
painting was of a Serpent and an angel locked in battle. "You will, You
must go to the realm of Dreaming, I cannot tell you anymore" Emily tried
to keep the tears back. "But I'm supposed to gain the realm's favor!"
The keeper chuckled. "You have it, You will learn from the realm of
dreaming, now go" The keeper touched the painting and it rippled as if
liquid. He pushed Emily into it and she fell onto solid ground. She turned
around but the portal was gone.

 Emily stood in a familiar courtyard. A fountain of a crow with red water spilling from it's beak was in the center. She ran to the doors of Midnight's cathedral and threw them open. She stood in the familiar hall with the very same pews and frescoes on the ceiling. Red light from the sky outside spilled in the windows. She ran to the pulpit to see Midnight standing there. He smiled wide and embraced her. He looked the same as he had when she saw him last. "Emily! I wondered when I'd see you again" Emily couldn't believe it. "But...you left?" Midnight chuckled.
" I left that existence, I am very much alive in this realm" Emily smiled and looked all around. "What about David? what will happen to him?" Midnight guided Emily to the font. "David will be fine Emily" Midnight scooped water in his hand and let it seep though his fingers and back into the font. "Look into the font, and you'll understand who you are" Emily bit her lip and gazed into the dark water of the font.
The surface rippled and changed, showing an immense battle between angels and
what looked like angels with black wings. The war was terrible and the losses
were heavy, but the fallen angels were defeated and cast out. Their leader was
a tall man with a powerful build. His armor was soaked in blood. He screamed
upwards. " I will take the kingdom of heaven! it will fall to me!"
Then he was cast out with the others. The surface rippled to show a young man
fleeing from a church, his robes were frayed and dirty. He ran down the street
and entered a dark alley way. He pried open a cellar and walked inside. He took
out several items from his bag and began to work. He drew pentacles on the
walls and on the floor, he drew other symbols in his own blood. He began to
read a strange language from a book. There was a sharp wind and the candles
went out. There was a red orb floating before the man. A cold voice arose.
"Why dos't thou summon me? hast thou nothing better to do?" The man
shivered. " My lord, destroyer of men please, I am wanted by the church
for well..you know my sins" The voice spoke. "I do, Why hast thou
summoned me?" The man spoke again, clearly frightened. " I fear these
men, I ask of you to provide a way for me to escape, grant me immortality and
the power to create my own world!" The voice laughed cruelly. " Why
should I grant such a request? what wilt thou do for me?" The man fell
to his knees. "Lord I will do anything! I would cut out mine own
heart!" The voice laughed again. "Pathetic aren't you? I will grant
thy wish if thou cuttest out thine heart and give it to me"  Desperately, the man
grabbed a knife and began to cut his heart out. He screamed and screamed as the
voice laughed mercilessly. The man held out his heart and the orb absorbed it.
"Thy spirit shall remain forever and I shall take you with me to create
thine own world." The man smiled and bowed. " T-thank you!" The
voice growled. "But...thou must create and spread fear and evil among
mortal men" The man nodded. " I will" The voice spoke again.
" And, a time shall come when a child who carries in them your heart, will
come to you, that child will take thine own place as ruler of your world, thou
must eat this child's heart to become truly immortal" The man winced but
nodded. "This child...will be very important to me. The child will be
instrumental in the war against heaven, the child will be my champion as God
has chosen his"

 The man nodded slowly and stood up. "thou will know
if it is the child that I speak of if it is able to complete three tasks no
mere mortal could complete" The man nodded and began to walk towards the
orb. "Come with me now" The man was absorbed in the light and they
disappeared. There were angry shouts as three men burst into the room.
"Where is he!?" The tallest man asked as he looked around. The water
rippled and showed Midnight, disguised as a crow, watch child after child, drown
in the font, choke on an apple and fall underneath a crumbling bridge. Midnight
frowned and shook his head. The water rippled again to show a crow watch Emily
emerge from the font, holding the key. The crow watched as she awoke from
eating the apple. The crow watched as she crossed the bridge. The surface
rippled and showed no more.

The End

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