Emily's Life as we knew it (ch. 16-21)

In these chapters, the world starts coming back to normal. The power comes on more and more. It finally comes on enough that they can use the microwave. In the end, Miranda figures that the panic was nothing and that the world was not coming to an end and everyone would be fine and that this frenzy would subdue.

   When you think the world is coming to an end, don't believe it and don't doubt it because one day everyone will say that the moon is falling rapidly toward earth to kill everyone in its sight and then a year later the moon has not moved any closer and that the populace is safe. Even if it is very believable always have that small window of hope that is saying that there won't be an end, just a beginning to a world where it wasn't the end and some people survived. Even if only your world is ending believe that there is a way to get out of the situation and you will be fine and safe in your own home.

   In the story, because the world is not coming to an end and the power is graduality returning, Miranda starts to feel safer and that the world is coming back to normal. The schools, stores, and other places start to return back to working condition and that people are not panicking anymore. The world starts to become in working order again after the mass panic of the moon is over and that people know that it is able to survive the harsh cold, volcanic ash, and tsunami sized tidal waves. Even though the world may never be the same as it was before this event and that millions of people were lost the world can still be operative. Now that the world has been put back together and works, now Miranda can relax.

The End

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