Emily's Life as we knew it (ch. 11-15)

In the chapters, Marinda becomes more and more used to the way the world goes now with no one being out and about and people don't go to school, she gets her own complications. She has to go to the hospital because her mom fell and twisted her ankle, she had rode her bike to the hospital where they refused to let her in to grab help. She also go so hungry that she went down to the cellar to eat chocolate chips and got caught by her mother. Even if that the world was "ending" they still had to ob

   The overall theme that I am getting from the book is that even if the world is ending that you have to obey the person with more power. No matter what is happening you can't stop someone who has more power, physically or mentally, and you would have to live by their rules. Miranda experienced this when she met the guards because they had more power over her to where they had the authority to not let her into the hospital to get help for her mother. When Miranda explained that "They wouldn't let me in, even when I explained there'd been an accident and we were friends with Peter. All the guard would do was take my message." it reminded me that everyone was for themselves and that the people who had the ability to overpower someone made the rules that people would have to follow because they couldn't defy them.

   In the book, the changing social and economical status of everyone in the world had also affected Miranda. Miranda had to deal with being out of her school and not being able to see her friends and have a normal teenager life because of the mosquitoes and the harmful ash kept her from doing the things that she liked to do. All of these factors effected Miranda's normal life and she had to turn against people during the days such as when she went shopping. When the economy crashed it began that everyone was for themselves and that they had to do everything for themselves and was not going to be helped out by other people and the government had no control how everyone acted and how other countries that we depended on, for things such as imported oil for people's gas, acted and would stop supplying us.

The End

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