Emily's Life As We Knew It Analysis

    In the book Life as We Knew It is about a girl who has to survive oversized natural disasters, like the tides becoming twenty foot tsunamis, because a commit hit the moon and the impact had so much force that the moon was brought closer to the earth and was taken off of it orbit.

    The text in this book has me sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to know what the writer has next for our main character but one of the most hitting lines that made me really ponder what has happened to the earth and who has looked at the same sters I have and the same moon that I have. And it it these same stars and the same moon that inspired philosophers and inventors to create some of the things we use every day. This is the exact same thing that Miranda thought of when she had seen the commit hit the moon and didn't know how much her life would change because of that moon.

    After the collision, Miranda didn't expect to see her mother, her neighbor, or her brother being pushed around in a frenzy in a supermarket. She never expected to see a storm so bad that her mother would pick her up from school. She had never thought that these things could before the moon came close to the earth. I never would want to experience the things she went through in the following week but she had to go through them and experience how people act when an actual natural disaster happened that could threaten the lives of everyone on earth.

    The events following the crashed commit made everyone panic about their safety and most people thought that they were going to die that day, but if the world was really coming to an end and everyone knew it, there probably would never be enough time to find some other planet to live and build a rocket in that time to save the people on earth. But, even then, people should try to be happy and enjoy themselves as much as they possibly can and if someone doesn't have enough to survive and be happy, everyone should try to help them to get through and help them be as happy as they can and not keep anything that could help others to yourselves until the day that everyone dies.

    The book is a very good book, Miranda is a very relatable character and most of the things that she does most people would do in her situation. Over all it is a book that keeps my attention and most books I do read don't keep my attention. But overall the book is one of the best books I have read and im looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

The End

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