Emily's Life as we knew it Alysis

   For me, i felt like i had a bad life when my parents split up and i felt as if the world is ending. Miranda feels as if the world is actually ending, and it is. My world fell apart, I lost friends, things were familiar but different. The main character of the story, Miranda, has lost friends and things are familiar, like going swimming or just a walk outside, but it is different, there is grey ash cloud over the world and it's now a kill or be killed world with no one helping other people.

   Miranda is worried about the world and knows that this is how the world will be for a while. But after a few months she had adapted to the looming gray screen over the whole sky, rationing out her food, and the empty streets. For her After the collision between the moon and the commit, her world was turned upside down and she had to get used to it because she had no way of stopping what was happening and that this was the way she was supposed to live for possibly the rest of her life.

   I know that the world won't last forever and that this is a possible way that humans could be eliminated like the dinosaurs. Just like me, Miranda knows that there is no way to stop what is happening right now. Even if you were able to stop it, it is only a temporary fix and that there is no way to completely protect the earth from inevitable destruction. 

   Through this journey with Miranda, I learned that even if the world is ending that your friends don't stay with you. I had always thought that friends and family would stay with you if the world was ending. But, in the book, Sammi, who is one of Miranda's best friend, leaves her to go to nashville, and she thinks that her mom is picking favorites between her, and her brothers. 

   So far, i have loved this book. It may not be the most interesting book as a reader, but, it has appealed to my science side and has arised many questions. This book as really good science and a very good plot line but it does not keep my attention well.

The End

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