Emily Johnson- chapter 6

A fireman approached me and asked me where my parents were. I could only reply the truth. The fireman took off his hat and wiped the sticky sweat on his forehead. He looked around to his shouting colleague. And told me to wait there for a while. I could hear his colleague telling him that they had found the body of a clearly wealthy man and what they thought was strange was because he was cuddling a little bear. The man walked back to me and asked if the man could of been my father. I thought a while: but only these things ran through my head,  my father had been said to be dead because some other person had found him and my mother and also he was about a mile away where he was found. So the words drifted out of my mouth answering no. The fireman sighed and turned back to his colleague. He turned back around about 2 minutes later after a short diccussion with who I thought was the chief. He asked me wheather I would like to live with some other person like being adopted. The immediate answer came out as a yes. Well I back then I thought that that was the correct answer as living in a house would be a lot better than living on the streets and at least i would get something to eat because I could hear my stomach rummbling for quite a while.

The End

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