Emily Johnson- chapter 5

I decided to get a job but who would want me as their employee. I looked down at the water that had reached my ankles. The patterns in the water from the raindrops coming down to the floor, were like a work of art. But that just reminded me of the paintings that my father had put up in my bedroom. There were flowers and scenery. I wish I had my Teddy with me but because it was in the middle of the night that the earthquake struck. I did not think to get my teddy. I slowly walked back to where our house would have been. There were construction workers trying to build anothere building to replace the one that I used to live in. But now it is owned by a nearby company called Recks.co. A mile away from where my home was, there were firefighters and policemen trying desperately to free the people who had been buried in the earthquake. There were odd legs and arms all over the place.

The End

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