Emily Johnson-chapter 1

I walked down the allyway, not knowing what to do next. But suddenly there was a boom coming from the back door of Mr . Brown who if you were to know him you would wish that you hadn't. He had a big, long pointy nose and would look at you with a strong beady stare. I looked at the door then ran. But the gate out of the allyway was locked, I couldn't even remember why I went into the allyway to begin with. However, there I was stuck in an allyway with no way out and the boom started getting louder and louder till it kept on ringing in my ears. I could hear the whispering of the wind, as the autumn leaves swept past my face. The chill of the air could be seen because of the warm air that I was breathing out. I remember the days when I used to walk around with my mother and father, but since the recent Earthquake. They had well, died and all was lost. I guess that you could call me a begger but I don't beg. I sometimes see the rich people walk past me and smirk at me as though theydon't care about the poor. My father had a big job position but died saving me and my mother just comitted suicide right before my very eyes.

The End

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