Be the friend that Donny needs right now, it was never going to happen with Sarah anyway.


"Huh?  Oh.  Yeah Donny...alright."

Donny's mother passed away a couple months ago from a terminal illness.  He's been reaching out to you a lot since then.

"Great!  I've come up with some custom rules, and a new board!  I'll call Kyle and Dan too.  Are you still using that Level 2 Paladin?"

You shoot Donny a look that he is pushing his luck.   He takes the hint and makes no further mention of it.

At this point Sarah Parker couldn't feel farther away, but at least you can look Donny in the eyes without feeling pangs of shame.  The biology lecture continues.  After droning on about last night's homework, he continues the lesson on cellular respiration.  The classroom drifts in and out of focus, until ultimately the bell rings again and you proceed to math class.

Goddammit Donny.

You know that Sarah Parker has fourth-period lunch free.  You suppose you could always skip math and try to strike up a conversation with her then, fully guaranteeing that you will not get into that university that your parents always dreamed of.

The End

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