Completely reject poor Donny and strike up a conversation with Sarah.

For a split second you hesitate, wondering if rejecting Donny would be just too mean, even for you. But then you remembered Sarah Parker, lovely Sarah Parker. She's only the most beautiful girl in the room, idiot! Screw Donny, I'd rather poke my own eyes out than play D&D with him again anyway.

Turning away from your bewildered classmate, you clear your throat and whisper "Sarah! Psst, Sarah!". Said Sarah slowly turns in her seat and fixes you with a flat, bored look. You can't help but notice how brilliantly green her eyes are. "Yeah?" she drawls, smacking her strawberry bubble gum.'s now my favorite fruit, you sigh to yourself, flashing what you hope is a brilliant smile.

"How did you find the homework that Mr. Randall gave us?" you ask, wanting to kick yourself around the room as soon as the words leave your mouth. Homework?? You talk to Sarah bloody Parker about HOMEWORK?? Oh Jeez, I'm never gonna get a girlfriend. Arching a thin eyebrow, Sarah snorts out a tiny laugh.

"You're serious?" she replies, "Mr. Randall's class is such a joke,  and who cares about homework anyway?" Her gaze boring into yours, you flush and stammer, wondering how on earth you could possibly make yourself look any more stupid. An asthma attack would seal the deal, probably.

"Um, well...ahhh..." you mumble, wishing you had something witty to say. Shut up, shut up right now, you tell yourself, hoping that the school will somehow blow up at this very moment and thus put you out of your misery.

The End

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