Finish your lunch and then leave.

Whatever is wrong with those kids, you want no part of it.

You finish your lunch just in time for the next period bell to ring.  Immediately the halls fill with well over a thousand school kids, herded like cattle to their next class.  Where did they all come from, anyway?

It’s time for biology class, being taught by Mr. Randall.  You view biology class as sort of a mixed blessing.  While Mr. Randall is a humourless older man who wears the same tweed jacket everyday (where does he think he is – Cambridge?) and takes himself a little too seriously, it does afford you the opportunity to sit behind Sarah Parker. Maybe, you think, today will be the day you ask her out.  Fat chance. 

You take your seat, next to Donny Bidkicker…the outcome of a last-minute change to the seating plan arranged by a cold-hearted Mr. Randall.  Donny Bidkicker, as friendly as he is, wasn’t going to score you any points with Sarah.

“Hey man, do you want to come over to my house for some Dungeons and Dragons?” he asks.  Loudly.  Too loudly.  It was just one time, and now you’re REALLY paying for it.

The End

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