You raise an eyebrow. "Because I am not a conformist. I wear what I have to wear and I don't give a flying f-ck what it is. The real question is, why are all you wearing the same sh-t? Isn't that a bit hypocritical?"

"What? Just because you wear black, so everyone has to wear black to show support to you? I am a non-conformist. I refuse to conform to your rules too! I'll wear what I want to and I don't give a damn about what you think. The main question is why are you all dressed in the same color? Isn't that hypocritical?"

You pause for a breath fairly sure that after this long speech they are going to beat you black and blue. But the tall thin Goth stands up and gives you a huge pat----- a pat so huge that your shoulder screams. But you endure it boldly, with the bold face of George Washington when he won a battle. The kid looked surprized. The other Goth too was surprized. But he recovered quickly enough and extended his hand to show his support.

"Welcome to the group", he said.

Oh..oh! This was unexpected. Now they were inviting you to their group. What will you do? Where will your social status go if you join the "Goth" group? What will your peers say? At the same time, you have finally found a chance to experiment, throw convention away....

What will you do?

The End

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