Throw the food tray to one of the jocks

You were already a few feet away from the jock table when you turn around to veiw it one last time. But this time, instead of feeling scared of them, you feel deep, soul-shaking anger.

Just then, you feel your dark anger raising in you; starting at the pit of your stomach, extending up your arm, and then to your hand. Your hand, in turn, releases the anger the only way it knows how to. It throws the tray at the jock who wounded your sensitive pride.

And with a loud SMACK it lands on his face.

A few seconds after you see it land on the jock's face, you look around and you see everyone in the cafeteria staring at you. As you slowly turn your body, seeing all the shocked faces in the now silent cafeteria, you try to make up your mind about what to do.

The End

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