Rub it off with your fingertips, then go to History class.

Your first urge is to turn to the snot-nosed kids laughing nearby and get some answers, but then you remember that your luck today hasn't exactly been stellar. I was thrown across the cafeteria by a NERD, for the love of...! A chill slithers down your spine and you ignore the laughing brats, rubbing off the offending drawings and words with your fingers before pulling open your locker and grabbing your history books.

A minute later you slide into your seat in Ms. Birch's classroom. A few people turn to look at you and one girl smirks, causing you to blush and drop your gaze to your scratched up desktop. "Hey loser, wanna have lunch with me?" someone calls out, as the class erupts in laughter.

You take a deep breath, fighting the urge to leap to your feet and defend yourself...

The End

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