You break the kiss, grab your books, and run from the creeper as fast as you can.

Even though you've just possibly saved yourself from a vicious beating, you feel... well... creeped out. Your not really gay, your just a scrawny geek trying to survive this horrendous day.

Pushing Jake away, you grab your books and run back to class as fast as you can.

"Well young man, where have you been?"

"Sorry, long line."

"Well go sit down. We'll have to wait for Jake to return though, I just sent him to go find you."

"Oh he found me alright, even though I didn't want him too."

You go sit down at your desk again and then see Jake return back to class. As Jake comes in, he sits down in his desk and turns back to look at you. Before the teacher can call the class to order, you see Jake blow a kiss at you and then here him whisper, "Next period, we'll skip and go to our meeting place."

What to do now?

The End

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