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Its basicly about a young vampire so far....

Emily Redcoal wasn’t like normal girls, She would sit on a rock in the woods dressed in deep red, Red and black leather spiked boots, a long, ripped, black and red dress, red cloth round her hands and black makeup. She would sit, with bats lingering nearby in the trees, the crows feasting on the blood-drenched meat she chucked to them. As Emily was a Vampire, A young Vampire, But still capable of killing and draining a person of their blood. And Emily knew what was coming, She new there was going to be a war, and that she was going to lead it, But what she didn’t know was who they were up fighting, who the vampires had picked a battle with, or that the mortals were going to be involved, Or that it could wipe out all life on earth…



Now the moon was coming over the trees, She had to go home, to her foster parents, Mr & Mrs Ray, more commonly known as Barry & Trish. They didn’t know who she was, none but her perfectly ordinary (and only) friend knew about her, It was hard for her, all these lovely necks, full of blood… her friend once had to stop her lunging at a bright red, shouting teacher. Her friend, Suzanna Silveren, More commonly known as Zanna. was obsessed with dragons, big, small, scaly, feathery, she didn't mind, Dragons where her life, like war was Emily’s fate. Sometimes, Zanna seemed like a fake, there was just something in her eyes that was never quite right, and she always asked to many questions, mostly about to plan of attack for the war, or where Emily's parents are. As she got home Barry greeted her, “Why are you late young lady? You know what time you have to be in! I even tried ringing that mobile of yours, but there was no answer! Now you take those boots off & Ill go warm up your dinner” He walked off into the kitchen & Emily heard him programming the microwave for 20 seconds, she took her boots off, walked into the kitchen & sat at the table. 20 seconds later Barry walked in, with a plate of steaming hot pizza…. Vegetarian pizza. That was the worst bit; Trish was vegetarian, a bad thing. Emily had no choice but to gulp it down, plastering a smile across he face…. Planning to force herself to regurgitate later… Maybe there would be a nice lamb in the field next to their house…. Barry blamed foxes, ‘ha, idiot’ Emily would think as she woke the next morning to him asking if she had heard anything, she would simply reply ‘No Barry, Sorry!’ She wondered why the neighbours didn't notice, she put it down to the fact that they were about to move house. Draining the sheep or there blood had become a regular thing for Emily, she would wake up early in the morning, regurgitate last nights vegetables down the loo and jump out the window even though she would not develop full flight for a year or so, she could leave the ground for a good 30 seconds now. She would then go across to the field, grab a lamb and hold its jaws shut so it could not cry out and wake Barry, Who would come and shoot her without hesitation, although this would not kill her unless it was a wooden bullet, It would give away her darkest secret. She would then drag the kicking lamb into the woods behind Barry’s house, and whisper it lullabies, for no reason at all, apart from, as she new, deep down inside, There was still a flicker of humanity left, all vampires start off human, they just gradually begin to change around the age of 6, That small human flicker…. It held her back, It begged her not to kill the poor defenceless lamb, the poor white thing shaking in her arms, It begged for her to let it go, although if she did this it would raise the alarm. She felt its soft pelt, She shedded a tear, she knew that soon this human flicker would be gone forever, The feeling of pity would disappear, and she would be able to kill things mercifully… She sang one last melody to it, then whispered in its ear ‘I’m sorry… So, so, Sorry’ Then she sank her fangs still small, but deadly, into its neck. The lamb struggled for a few seconds… then its eyes lost their shine, its body went cold, its body limp, and its skin pale, again she whispered ‘Sorry’ Then lay it down to rest only to be discovered by Barry in the morning. Then she silently glided across the grass towards the house, the rest of the herd still asleep.

The End

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