The Beginning

There are so many people heading for the exit that I've never once been able to get past. Every time I try there are so many people pushing, shoving, that eventually I land on my knees in the dust. I've had to crawl back weaving through ankles, and dodging anxious feet that it makes me sick to my stomach just to think about it.

No one seems to comprehend how gruesomely narrow that exit is, they act as if there is are wide open double doors with some type of vacuum suction. To them that exit is frightening, strange, to them it is not sweet salvation. Milk and honey, a bed with thick blankets so I can sleep the last memories of this life away.

But I know there must be some who understand, otherwise that beautiful door wouldn't be quite so crowded. I've just got to find one more person who wants to leave. To find their way through that door. Maybe if we band together we'll have a better chance at getting through, power in numbers right

The End

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