One mew, two roars and a realy silly sister

As they got home Poppy and Llyod dumped there bags on the stairs and ran and ran till they reached the garden. "Hello!" Shouted There big sister Jordan stroking her pet croc. "MEW!" Yelped Emerald Jumping back as useual. "You know its tame!" Mocked Jordan. "Oh well what have we here?" Came mums voice from the kitchen. "Uh oh!" Said Llyod running inside. "Wait up! Bye Jordan!" Screamed Poppy running after Llyod. "But mum honestly i ment to hide it honestly but Joe found it!" Screamed Llyod bursting into tears. "Whats up?" Asked Poppy walking in with a a worried impression on her voice. "Now Llyod you were supposed to hide this video from your cousion!" Screamed Mum. " that video where Llyod me and Jordan took Joes teddy by mistake...!" Said Poppy looking at mum. "Yeah....." Sighed Llyod looking at the graffiti and the back of the tape. Suddenly Jordan came running in. "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU IDIOTS YOU SHOWED THAT VIDEO TO HIM!? HE WILL KILL US!!" Shouted Jordan not helping.

The End

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