Llyod Llyod You are so Dum....

As Poppy walked into the playground blushing she heard Llyod running up to her. "Hey Poppy."He said Kindly. Llyod wasn't like most big brothers. He didn't wind Poppy up or be mean or anything big bros do. Instead he was kind! "Hiya Llyod!" Poppy beamed as they headed for rons cafe. They went there every day after school because it was free! "So whatcha havin?" Asked Ron as he came over to them. "I want a cheeseburger with gerkin and some milk for Emerald please!" Said Poppy stroking Emerald not aware of what dum saying was about to come from Llyod. "Ohhhhhhh geez....its that pretty sally......"Shouted Llyod VERY loud. "I don't serve.....WHAT!" Screamed Ron realising what the dum person had said. "OMG!" I screamed in unison. "Ugh....what a freak!" Said Sally Evil Twoshoes to her best snobby pal Malisa. "Did i say that aloud......"Blushed Llyod hiding his face in the menu. "Heheheheheh!" Mewed Emerald. "Looks like the little ones hungry...now whatcha havin dumbo?" Asked Ron grinning. "I'll go with the Homestyle Pot roast...."Sighed Llyod.

The End

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