Falling through the mistMature

He took out his camera and took a picture of the crowd, the bloody thunder heads and finally the setting sun. He realized this was the last time he was ever going to see the sun. He took another picture of it.

He was calm and completely casual, as if he had taken these pictures from the safety and comfort of a park bench.

A flash of red, green and blue cut the black sky like lightning, a siren, screaming like thunder, cried toward him. ‘Oh great, the police.....and an ambulance too. A bit hopeful aren’t they? But if I look at them, yes, really look, they take pleasure in this. They want to watch me die. They want me to become a story they can tell their families around the dinner table tonight. Not going to happen. I’ll make them pay for watching this, and causing a scene. I’ll be such a bloody mess that they won’t even want to think about this again!’

With an anger he had never known to have sheltered in his gentle heart, he ripped out the picture he had been drawing of his Kasumi. “Take that you sadistic bastards! This is what I’m dying for! This is more than you’ve ever done!” He watched the sketch float down; it touched the dusty and grey concrete and then drifted to land at her feet.

She gracefully bent down and picked it up, looked at it, then looked up at him with grey, floating, tear filled eyes.

“Kasumi!” He screamed in his head. A voice he no longer wanted to share with the world was buried deep inside him, never to be projected again. His heart flew and shimmered like a caged bird at the sight of her. She said something to the police officer, but he shook his head in reply.

Kasumi attempted to go to him, but was restrained by two officers. As her tears spilled miserably from her eyes, the skies opened up. Big silver drops dripped unto him, soaking him and everything he now held onto. Still they waited and below him, she cried.

Life is like a painting. It’s all about the choices you make. Big mistakes are very noticeable but the little mistakes often go unnoticed and also help to add character to the painting. If I could paint my life, what would it look like?’

He closed his sketch book, just as his phone rang.

“Kasumi! My love!”

“Don’t do it. Please.”

“Everything you need to know is written on my lap top, my darling. Take my sketch book, it’s up here in my bag. All the arrangements have been made. I give to you my last smile.” He turned the phone around and took one last picture of himself for her and smiled. For the first time, he hung up on her. He left everything on the ledge for them to find.

He teetered backward, her face never left his mind for a single moment. “I’m glad I get to die looking at you.” He whispered up to the storm. He was trying to make sure the camera didn’t get broken, but he knew there was no guarantee.

The rain showered gently on his peaceful face. As he sensed the nearing of the crowd, he wondered if they would catch him, and if he would live.


The End

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