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a boy named Emerald is convinced that the love of his life no longer loves him. So, he decides that the only way for the two of them to be truly happy is if he quits while he's ahead.
Instead of commiting suicide as an act of depression, he jumps because he belives he's at his happiest and it's only going to be down hill.

He stood there, looking over the city. The buildings were gathered like a family and the streets below wove around them like tunnels of an ant hill. The cars crawled along in the morning traffic. The sun striped the sky with early dawn; the horizon was glazed with a soft yellow that grew gradually into purple then to blue. He knew that in the grass the dew had just begun to settle with shimmering beauty. Only here, in the city but most of all on this roof top, there was no dew, no beauty. The only beauty was in what was natural; the grass, the sky; there was nothing wonderful about the concrete and cement that smelled of gasoline and people.

He glanced again at the sky and made note of the blood red clouds. ‘Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky in morning sailor takes warning.’ He smiled and adjusted his feet, which rested upon the ledge.

Emerald was an unusual young man.  He brought everything material that was important to him to the ledge, his umbrella, cell phone, laptop and sketch book equipped with pencils, erasers and a sharpener of course. He also had a small digital camera, which he had turned on himself and snapped a picture. He was sitting now, idly swinging his feet as he examined the photo.

His own dazzling green eyes peered back at him from the screen (His eyes were how he got the name, Emerald.) His dark black bangs slashed across his forehead in a steady slope. It’s as if this picture had all the colour drained from it, except for my eyes. Wonder what this would look like as a painting? What colors would the painter use? Is this grey or blue? But my eyes are definitely green.  He thought to himself and smiled. The wind blew with a slight nippy chill that made him shudder slightly and pulled his black coat together. The wind smelled like rain, that deep warm smell of wet cement and pollution.

Life is funny. He thought. How I can just sit up here like I’m already dead and the world just moves on. It’s as if I’m watching from the grave right now, no one can hear or see me, but I can hear and see all of them.’  He chuckled a little to himself.

Previously that evening, he had phoned his boss and told him that he quit. He didn’t tell him exactly why; he just said that he wanted some time to himself, to think things over. Well now he was going to get an eternity.

More and more traffic crept through the city, but he was perfectly still; the only movement was the beating of his heart and the rising and falling of his chest as he breathed in and out.

He thought about Kasumi, his girlfriend, and how they would never see each other again. Her name meant mist and that was sort of what she reminded him of. Her hair was blond silver and her eyes were the exact color of mist and had the same quality and depth. Her image vanished and he was alone on the roof again.

He had met Kasumi at a bar down town at around seven o’clock in the evening. He had just got his first job and went out to celebrate with his friend, Cully Whittaker. Cully was a nice guy. Quiet but could be extremely funny and was also Emerald’s very best friend.

So Cully and Emerald went to the bar and that was when he had met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. Kasumi had been dancing with her friend Gem Ivanna, whom he was later introduced to, when they had walked in. They had sat down at the counter and had ordered a drink. Emerald had tried to keep good conversation with Cully but he just couldn’t keep his eyes off Kasumi. Finally, about half way through the night he had gotten the nerve to ask her to dance.

It had been a slow song, my immortal by evanesce. Kasumi had been just about to sit down because her friend Gem had left her to dance with a guy she had recognized. The lights glowed a soft yellow and pink. Everyone seemed to disappear except the two of them and all the noise had stopped except the soft, easy flow of the song. He gathered up any amount of courage he had when it came to these things, and boldly asked Kasumi to dance. When she smiled and took his hands into hers, his life changed forever.

They had talked for hours after that song, Cully and Gem had seemed to have gotten along quite well and seemed to connect in the same sort of way Emerald and Kasumi had.   

After that, Emerald and Kasumi were practically inseparable.

Kasumi was leaving for Europe to take care of her sick Grandmother and five cousins. Emerald knew that when she came back things between them would be much different. If he knew that Kasumi loved him and would still love him for the rest of his life, he would not be on this ledge. What he did know was Kasumi loved Cully and Cully loved her back. His only proof of this was Gem’s word and he believed her, also he saw that Cully looked at Kasumi much the same as he did and she returned the glance with one that he wished that she would be so kind to bestow upon him. If only he could be so lucky as to have this Angel say “I love you” and mean it for him and not for another. His heart yearned for the meaning to be attached to the words but he was not satisfied. Her love could only extend so far for him and it extended farther for her true target of affection.

He had first noticed Cully and Kasumi a few months ago. It had started slow and innocent at first. Cully would sneak a glance and Kasumi would wink at him when they thought Emerald hadn’t noticed. When the four of them would double date, he noted that Kasumi would unintentionally ignore him and talk to Cully instead. Cully did the same to Gem. He could tell Kasumi would catch herself and try to talk to him but it was strained and not nearly as natural as it used to be, or how natural she seemed to be able to talk to Cully.

Emerald never let it fully get to him, he would pretend like this wasn’t happening. He wouldn’t let it tear them apart like what happened to Gem and Cully. Then, at the same time, he couldn’t in good conscious keep her from the man she truly loved.

He figured he should quit while he was ahead, while he still had Kasumi, the mist that was forever escaping his grasp. If only he could keep her just a bit longer. If only she wasn’t leaving in three days, they’d have time to talk things out. He kept his mouth shut, he knew she had to go and didn’t want her to feel guilty about doing it.

He sketched her marvellous features as he thought.  He would rather die than see her unhappy for even a moment. That was exactly what he was doing.  He knew that she wouldn’t leave him for Cully so she would never be happy, but he didn’t have the will to break up with her.

He wanted to know what was on the other side. He was on a quest to find the answer to life’s biggest question and no one had tried to talk him out of it. They all just stared up at him. He imagined their eyes were full of wonder and vicious glee. His emotions were greatly mixed. He was scared, curious and happy all at the same time and also there was the slightest hint of apathy stewing around in his emotional cocktail of a mind. 

The End

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