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You always come across stories of people falling in love, but may i question, have you ever heard a story of a serial killer falling in love? well i am here to tell you a very story where a serial killer falls in love, his name Jack Blackmore

The dark was getting ready to pounce on san candowla once again, like a lion preparing to catch the said prey the lion desires so much. As the darkness grew nearer and fiercer, a killer was in wait. A fearless murderer, a man who possessed no fear, it was all in the game to him, all fun. What was there to worry about, to be afraid of when you are a ruthless murderer? Being caught perhaps? He happened to currently be setting up for his next visitor, how you could show someone your abode when it was covered in dust. How could you let someone see it when it was all filthy and dirty? In circumstances like these, preparation was essential, needed, you would have to pay particular attention to the victim that you were with. Make them suffer, not let them get away, calm down, keep them on their feet. Making the victim fear him was all in the beforehand preparation.

          He was dressed in a suit, who would suspect a man looking as if he was simply trying to get home from a day of work? No-one. A man dressed as such would be considered average. As you already know, this supposed businessman had different things on his mind. Murder. Torture. The adrenaline rush that comes with the feeling of power. He wore a black pin striped suit, professional, yes. I can assure you that this little outfit would only be seen in this world once as no-one goes out with stuff splattered all over a suit, especially when that something is the blood, guts and insides of a recently missing person. Talk about being caught red handed. Jack looked ready in his suit, professional; nobody would suspect that it was him who was going to misplace the missing person of tomorrow’s news. Misplace is one word for it where as a cold blooded merciless murder is another.

          Jack glanced behind him, making sure that his adobe was ready for its next visitor. He casually went towards the bottom of the flight of stairs, he knelt down, brushed the tip of his finger on the bottom step. A stain lay imbedded there. A red stain the size of a handful of walnuts. Yes that doesn’t seem very big or relevant but just take some time to put you in the occurring victim’s shoes. The stain could easily be preserved as paint; Jack could be a budding artist under the tough and resilient working of a murderer. This is very unlikely and not correct. You can always try and look on the bright side of things but, as jack knows all too well, the world is never that nice. Yes you can make yourself believe those kinds of things but you can’t hide away from the reality of this world forever.

          The stain on the bottom step of the flight of stairs tells its own story. A story of horror, shock and bloodlust. Yes this stain happened to be from jack’s 5th victim. A man with more brute strength than sense. A man who undeniably paid for this mistake, with his life. Even though jack has killed so many people that it is hard to remember the majority of them, this victim will stay in his memory forever more. He fought back, he didn’t seem to care that jack held a deadly weapon in one hand. You could call him stupid, arrogant but others would call him brave and courageous.

          Jack is not the type of person who happens to easily forgive. This grew from the way he was brought up during his childhood. Jack was treated appallingly by mainly his father. His mother left home and left the poor, innocent and defenceless jack in the arms of his violent and manipulative father. His mother hated having to leave poor jack but she had to escape, she tried to take jack with her. The main reason she didn’t was that she would barely be able to keep herself alive, let alone a baby. Even though jack would go through trauma at least he would be fed and would sleep in a bed at night.  If jack’s mother had taken her with him, he would have lived a better, fuller and happier life, even if they had to live on the streets. If he had moved out with his loving and fragile mother he may not have turned into the evil and unforgiving murderer that he is today.

          In his early childhood jack was abused by his father. A man who simply was a drunk. Mind you jack even knows that he never used to drink until his mother left.

The End

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