The girl blinked, and laughed merrily. "Alright!" And she took her hand as they walked away, to the expanse field of emerald green. (Copy-and-pasted from Fictionpress.com)


"Big Sis?" the little girl called out, tugging at her sister's sleeve.

"Hm?" she looked down at the child.

"Um... Could we go outside and play?" she asked, doe eyes looking up at the older girl.

The girl blinked, and laughed merrily. "Alright!"

And she took her hand as they walked out the door, to the expanse field of emerald green.


The girl's sapphire blue eyes stared unblinkingly at the name engraved on the marble stone.

She does not blink, because she fears it is real, that it isn't simply a nightmare- and how she wished it was just a nightmare- but then she found she had to, as her eyes suddenly were brimmed with tears.

And all at once, it hits her.

The name engraved on the gravestone is her sister's.

Dewdrop tears fell, the child all alone.


"It's all your fault," the woman said, cold, grey eyes looking down at her.

She looked downwards, her eyes closed shut, understanding that her sister was no longer there to protect her from this woman.

"It's all your fault!" The woman raised her voice, the child wincing at the volume. "If it weren't for you, she wouldn't be dead!"

The little girl understood that it wasn't entirely her fault, but it may as well be, for her sister had died pushing her out of the way.

"Don't you have anything to say about that?" The child didn't answer, for she knew it would only make it worse from experience.

The woman slapped her repeatedly. Her cheeks stung, but she did nothing, only stood there as she continued her treatment.

"Why must you only make trouble!" she screamed, walking away.

The girl held her cheek.

If only her sister was here.

She would have protected her from the woman's merciless words.


The teenager entered her room, dull, lifeless blue eyes gazing over it.

She sighed as she closed the door shut with her foot, walking over to a desk and slinging her bag over the chair, walking over to the mirror.

What she was shown was a girl her age. She had bags under her eyes, from lack of sleep. She didn't look very healthy either, slightly skinny figure from malnutrition. Her chocolate brown hair was messy, unbrushed and not taken care of.

The girl did not take note of any of that, however, only focusing on the eyes.

She wished they weren't sapphire blue.

It was a nice colour, but she so wanted them to be green instead.

As green as the field she used to play in.

As green as a shining emerald.

As green as her sister's eyes.

But no matter what, her eyes wouldn't change color.

She sighed, and lied down on her bed, looking up blankly at the ceiling.

Thus is what her reflection showed her every day.


The girl looked down at a picture of a couple.

They looked so happy together. They both have chocolate brown hair, smiling together as they posed in front of the camera.

She clicked her tongue, and threw the picture book to the far end of the room, not really caring if the woman would slap her for it again. She stood up, and walked into her room as she slammed the door behind her.

She grabbed a framed photograph from her desk and jumped onto her bed, staring up at it.

Two girls were in it, laughing happily. The elder girl had rested her head on the younger girl's head, making a peace sign as she winked. The younger girl was laughing as she smiled and looked at the camera cheerfully.

She closed her eyes and sighed, letting the arm fall freely onto the bed.

If only she could return to such days...


"Didn't your mother raise you better than this?" the teacher scolded.

"I don't have parents, so why are you asking me?" the girl stated blandly, glaring at the teacher.

The teacher gasped.

"What are you talking about? I know very well that your parents are alive-"

"Those people are not my parents!" she screamed, standing up.

The man glared at her.

"You shouldn't say that about them, Miss-"

"Don't refer to me by their names," she hissed.

"Fine," the teacher stated. "But you should be more respectful to your family, Elysia."

The teenager clicked her tongue, and promptly walked towards the door.

"They're not my family, Mr Johnson," she stated, just by the door. "The only family I've ever had is my sister."


The teenager gazed upon the marble stone.

"Hey, Big Sis," she greeted. "I've come to visit."

Elysia sat in front of the grave.

"It's been a while, huh? Quite a few years since you were taken away..." she said, running her hands through her locks. She had brushed her hair and braided it into two plaits, like her sister did for her when she was younger.

"Life's... Been quite bad, as usual." She didn't swear, because her sister never liked her swearing.

She sighed.

"The teacher actually called those two my parents." She laughed humourlessly. "As if."

She looked at the name engraved on the stone. Alice. Her eyes softened as she remembered her smiling face.

"You know," she noted. "I always wonder why you thought of them as your parents anyway. Maybe it's because you knew them more before that man left..."

Elysia closed her eyes. "Why did my eyes have to be blue? They're pretty, I know, but I always liked your eyes more. Emerald green, like the grass..."

"I think your eyes are just as pretty, though..."

Her eyes snapped open.

There was no one there.

"... Elysia, I'm right behind you." She felt someone poke her from the back.

She turned around.

The being was translucent. She looked older than her, around the same age Alice would be if she was still alive. She was beautiful, with a yellow long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans... But there was no mistaking those eyes.

They were her sister's.

Elysia's eyes were brimmed with tears.

"Big Sis!" Alice embraced her as she cried, happy to see her there.

"Sorry for leaving," she apologized, running a hand through Elysia's hair.

She shook her head.

"No... It's okay..." Elysia said through sobs.

Alice smiled fondly.

"I'm afraid I can't stay for long, though..." she said.

Elysia's eyes widened.

"... You can't?"

Alice shook her head. "No. I'm dead, after all."

"... Then... Can I go with you?"

The elder sister's eyes widened as Elysia looked up at her.

"... You sure about this?" asked Alice.

Elysia nodded. "I don't really have anything to lose, after all."

The girl blinked, and laughed merrily. "Alright!"

And she took her hand as they walked away from the grave, to the expanse field of emerald green.


The End

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