Embracing the darkness

Watch out milady thy steps,

The wretch hast his eyes on ya,

Wait, my grace, for the morrow,

Dost thou not maketh me sorrow.

Thither he be in that trees behind,

Lurking to grasp thee blind,

In darkness shalt thou walk,

Of blood and thirst shalt thou talk.

Thou art mistaken milord,

He could killeth me ten times fold,

Know thou not my love is deep,

By my choice to death I leap. 

Let the darkness be my path,

Against thou I shalt hold no wrath,

Shalt not see me on the morrow,

Thy eyes art greed and thy soul is hollow.

To the vampire thou shall not bow,

What thou know, lass, thy death shalt I not allow!

Choice is mine to make, milord,

My destiny hast been unfold,

Thou cannot behold thy word,

Face behind and meet his sword.

The End

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