The Walk

Susie and me stand in unison to hug one another goodbye. 'Until tomorrow my lovely', I hum in an agreement with Susie. We work in the opposite directions so we both walk away with our back's to one another. Until tomorrow, I thought.

The walk back to work is quite a short journey. It's refreshing to walk, even though I drive, it allows me to think about my past, present and future. Why do I even dwell on the past still?

The street I walk along is called Warton Avenue. It's such a long beautiful street. All of the houses attached and stand tall. Have you ever seen an old modernised house? Well, welcome to Warton Avenue. The houses all new glimmering red brick, with old stained windows. I mean, it's a weird combination but if you think about it; the view is a beauty. Along this street, I'd say the grass is always greener. Literally. I always take my time on this street because it brings out my happiest memories. It feels like a summers day no matter the season. I sigh happily, smiling to myself, swining my arms. 

A familiar song comes into my mind and I start to hum it aloud. Music always makes things better.

As I look further down the street, I can see it coming to an end. I dread this part of the walk. Work is sooner than I think. I need to go slower. Please don't end, you lovely memory lane.

The End

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