Embrace the Darkness

A Young Adult finding herself in the world of work and battling friendship balances. Will she figure out her future? Will she get out of the darkness or will she embrace it?

'He thought that a bunch of roses would sort it out. How wrong he was', exclaimed Susie. My best friend, who sat across from me, was yet again complaining about her boyfriend. I can't even count on my fingers how many times I've been sat in the same place, listening to the same story. The sun shon onto our glass coffee table, we were sat outside our favourite lunch café.

We sit here every lunch, same table, same seats, same order.

 I felt my friends eyes glaring at me. My eyes met hers, 'Oh, sorry, would you like some advice?' Susie shakes her head at me, sits back in her chair. 'Sometimes, you and my boyfriend are alike you know, both of you seem to drift off when I'm talking.' I shrug my shoulders and gesture my hands towards the sky with a coffee mug in my hand.

'So what are you going to do when you get home?' Steering the conversation away from my bad friendship habits. It's better that way. Susie sighs, 'Well, I'll just have to tell him that I can't deal with his immaturity anymore. It's getting out of hand!'

I scoffed, 'Are you then going to invite him back in because you don't want to loose him?' Susie crosses her arms, looks towards the road and stubbornly nods. I knew it. Susie is so forgiving, she could never get rid of him. Personally, I love that about Susie which is why  I get away with daydreaming when listening to her once in a blue moon. Me and Susie have been friends since we were in Secondary School. We both got good grades, the nerds we were called. It payed off for Susie, she now works in a Law firm. Whereas... Well... The grades are good but I'm not sure I needed them for my job. I sigh thinking about my job. 

Lunch is ending and thats where I'll be heading soon, to my job. 

The End

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